My Hero One’s Justice 2 – How To Unlock Everything

How to unlock everything in My Hero One’s Justice 2? This guide will help you on it.

How to Unlock Characters In My Hero One’s Justice 2?

Deku / Izuku Midoriya Full Cowling 100% – Unlocks when you complete the Hero Story Mode (Early Unlock as Pre-Order Bonus)

Kai Chisaki Ver. 2 – Unlocks when you Complete the Villain Story Mode (Early Unlock as Pre-order Bonus)

Nomu – Pre-Order DLC and will be made available for download on release or later

There are also 5 DLC Characters coming in a Season Pass which are unrevealed as of now.

How to Unlock Customisation Options?

Many of the customisation options such as the costumes, various costume parts, voice packs and motto’s are available in the shop where you can spend your Hero Coins to unlock these options.

Player Card customisation items, and some Character customisation items, are unlocked by completing the Story Chapters and Mission Mode game mode – and by performing certain bonus tasks such as winning a battle in 60 seconds, winning a battle with a certain health percentage and other various conditions.

There is also a special costume for Izuku Midoriya that unlocks if you have a My Hero One’s Justice Save File on your system of choice.

Here are a few examples of what can be unlocked through story missions and mission mode:

  • Red Gym Uniform – Complete Story/ Shoot Style
  • Red Explosive Gauntlets – Complete Story/ Create Those Ultimate Moves
  • Sky Blue Explosive Gauntlets – Complete Mission/Request from Bakugo
  • Red Shigaraki’s Hand Armlets – Complete Story/ King VS King
  • Orange & Red Writer Armlet – Complete Story/Negotiation with 50% Health
  • Red Nejire-let – Complete Story/U.A. High School’s Big Three with 50% Health
  • Red Goofball Glasses – Complete Story/Denki Kaminari’s Thoughts with 50% Health
  • Sky Blue Goofball Glasses – Complete Mission/Simulation

There are a lot more and you can see the requirements in the Shop for these items!

Gallery Items

You also have a lot of Gallery Items to unlock, such as the CGI cut-scenes that you unlock as you see them in story mode. The background music unlocks through playing the game and the original One’s Justice music unlocks when you have all the tracks from One’s Justice 2 unlocked.

You can also unlock various character artwork by completing the Arcade Modes for each character with one for each of the three routes you can take; those being the Alpha, Beta and Gamma routes per character respectively.

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