Muck – How to Find and Make Food

A guide on how to find and make food (bread, soup, meat, etc.) in Muck.

How to Find and Make Food

Raw Meat / Cooked Meat

You can get Raw Meat by killing a cow this is how Meat Looks:

When you killed cow you can eat the meat or cook it in…


If you wanna get Cooked Meat make a Cauldron in a Workbench and then place it and put coal(or wood) and meat and it should cook.


Apples can be found under tree’s.

This is how apple looks:


There are 4 Shrooms:

  • Pink
  • Red
  • Yellow
  • Rainbow

Each of them regenerates one of our bars:

  • Pink regenerates Stamina
  • Red regenerates Health
  • Yellow regenerates Hunger
  • And Rainbow regenerates Every Bar

Shrooms can be found on ground.


Yes there exist’s Bread.

To make it collect 5 Wheat and make Dough at workbench. When you made the Dough make yourself Cauldron.

If you made Cauldron place it and place inside coal(or wood) and Dough and wait untill it’s done.

Bread can also be found in chest’s (Not the Powerup one’s)


You will need a Bowl and Cauldron.

Place Cauldron and inside bowl and RAW meat then coal and wait untill it’s done.

Soup can also be found in chest’s (Not the Powerup one’s).

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