Mr. Prepper – Guide to Mine and Power

It is a guide to mine and power in Mr. Prepper.


This is additional section which was added after few requests. It will contain only information about levels and resources in mines.

Every level in mine contain crates with very useful resources, you should find and utilize them!

To get lower level you need access cards.

First one is visible on start so don’t worry.

To get level -2 and -3 you need to find them in darkness.

I strongly recommend getting mining helmet before you go there. Mining helmet can be crafted in leveled up workbench.

This section will contain information which are spoilers!

To get level -4 card you need to do quests for Joe at junkyard.

You read it at your responsibility!

If you want to explorer at your own take my advice – access card to level -4 isn’t in the mine. Take a look around, do quests.


Another important thing – power management.

To achieve success you need to distribute power and to manage it. Later Agent will check your power consumption so managing it is very important!

Basic power is supplied by city. It is enough for early game but since we are going to build machinery it won’t be enough after few days.

This is our lovely electricity box. Red line indicates electricity usage which will be seen as suspicious.

To get more power we need generators.

Generators are available after upgrading workbench.

Basic power generator is steam generator which turn wood into electricity.

Highlited in yellow – total power output. It indicates total output of all generators.

Highlited in green – total fuel in generator.

Generators can relief main electrical box by providing more power. If blackout occures, we can disable more lights or other power vaccums. Biggest power vaccums are cookers, refineries and greenhouses. You can also install switches to disable whole room with 1 click.

By Sturmtiger

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