Mr. Prepper – Guide to Gaining Water, Metal, and Electronics

It is a guide to gaining water, metal and electronics in Mr. Prepper.

Gaining water

Water can become “little” problem if we start to expand our farms too fast.

My solution? Build at least 11 buckets and place all of them right behind your house!

You can have 2 buckets free (Agent won’t care about them). When inspection will be coming just take buckets to your inventory and voila!

If you level up trade with Siergiey, he will sell water tanks to you. You MUST BUY ONE as fast as possible. It’s expensive because it’s one payment of 44$ but trust me, it’s worth it.

This handsome guy can store 125 units of water and it COLLECTS WATER AUTOMATICALLY FROM BUCKETS.

Having two tanks will split income of water between them so don’t worry if one tank seems to be filling quite slowly.

With workbench level 4 you will be able to create Waterloo 1815 which is machine gathering water. It’s more efficient than bucket because it works underground and you don’t need rain for it to operate. Only one con is that it consumes a lot of power.

Metal and electronics

Very important thing.

How to get metal?

Go to mine! (this is where you meet Bob).

Every level of mine has different resource. It is displayed by sign next to drilling machine (on the right side of screen). If you power these machines with fuel it will give you very big amount of resources.

  • 1st floor gives you access to stone mining (which can yield small amounts of iron, gold and jewels).
  • 2th floor gives you access to iron mining.
  • 3rd floor gives you access to salt mining.
  • 4th floor gives you access to very important resource – crude oil.

If you build refinery at home you will be able to refine crude oil into gasoline. This mine yields a lot of stone, iron, gold and other stuff too.

Electronics are most important resource in many advanced recipes. To get them you need to trade with Jetsons which sell phones, radios and computers (when you level up them).

Sometimes, I saw Joe selling one or two electronics but it wasn’t much. You can also try to scavenge through desert in search for many different resources.

* – price in my game is smaller because I bought books which decrease total price of resources.

By Sturmtiger

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