Mr. Prepper – Digging a Hole, Farming and Trading

This guide helps you on digging a hole, farming and trading in Mr. Prepper.

Digging a hole

Let’s start with digging first room.

Digging location is obligatory and will always be the same.

To get down to this room we will need ladder which we will create with metal.

There is only one obstacle – we need to upgrade workbench. Best way to upgrade workbench is going for a fast walk to forest to gather some logs.

After scrapping some wood at workbench let’s do same thing with 2 barrels.

Our first room should be nice, small and cozy. It’s small but perspectives are large.

From now on, we will expand. How you do it will depend only on your preferences. I prefer to do one big hall right under main room with smaller rooms which provide farming space, space for generators, warehouse space etc.

Farming and Trading

Best way to gain money is farming. Having stable source of food is crucial to our success.

Obviously, basic plots won’t suffice and things we need are planter boxes.

Economically, best plant for planter boxes is guarana. When you plant it once it will bear fruits until you forget to water it or until you move planter box away.

One harvest of guarana yields 4 fruits. 1 fruit can be sold for 1$ to Jenny. Trading resets every day so you don’t have to worry about reaching limit of sold goods. If I am correct, she buys guarana everyday. Secondly, guarana is good source of food and it can be dried to make energy drink out of it. It’s top 3 food in my opinion.

Second option, which personally I didn’t like is “way of cucumber”. She buys cucumbers every few days but she pays much better for them.

After getting better workbench and access to better materials it’s nice to build a lot of greenhouses (which use a lot of energy so you better “arm” yourself with little army of generators (steam generators are having low level of efficiency but it’s only option in early game).

As you can see on my screenshot, I have few orange plants and tomato plants. Oranges are purerly for trade (surplus was dried and eaten as emergency ration). Oranges also can be sold to Jenny for 5$ per item. Tomatoes are amazing food for sale (4$ per item) and good source of cooked food. Tomato soup can also be canned which is another pro of this.

Sunflowers, corn and other plants are okay but they yield only once and you have only 20% for seed yield.

You need to buy seeds from Jenny or from supermarket. Jenny has bigger variety of seeds and they are cheaper.

Addition to Trading

So, it’s time for trading explanation.

Each trader has level which will grant new resources (trust bar).

For example Siergiey sells basic goods which can be scrapped into metal, plastic and wood.
On level 1 Siergiey offers basic metal containers and pallets.
On level 2 he offers bigger containers which yield more metal, he also sells wooden crate
On level 3 he adds containers which grant 1 plastic and 1 metal.

With leveling him, he also offers other useful resources.

Same thing happens to Jetsons who offer more phones, computers, sofas and radios (mentioned in electrics section).

Trading with Jenny makes more seeds available.

I also noticed that, trading with Nancy causes her to buy more stuff from you.

By Sturmtiger

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