Mount & Blade: Warband – Ending: Last King (How to Complete Game)

You conquered everything but one faction remains still in the game. The king of this faction went missing and even his underlings do not know about his whereabouts. This guide will help you on how to complete Mount & Blade: Warband (Ending: Last King).

Ending: Last King (Completing Game)

When every faction but one is defeated, all fiefs conquered, many people wait to win the game. But there is no message about honor and victory. The last king of the last remaining kingdom went missing. Even his own group remarks that he is no where around. This issue is old as the game and prevented many people from conquering officially the whole of Calradia.

Here is my unorthodox trick to solve this problem!


You conquered everything but one faction remains still in the game. The king of this faction went missing and even his underlings do not know about his whereabouts.

This occurs very often in this old game and prevents players from winning the campaign. I got this bug and thought about the problem.

Lords from factions without any fiefs spawn randomly on the map. A king may also do this but can get stuck in a void and be found nowhere on the map (even with cheating you can’t find him). The A.I. lords of the last faction often do not have any soldiers in their army, because they do not own fiefs which are required for recruitment.

  • The solution seems simple: Your remaining enemy needs to conquer one of your fiefs.
  • The problem: Even an empty castle without a garrison is not likely to be conquered by a one man A.I. party.

Follow These Steps:

You need to “give” them more troops. This is possible: Enemy lord parties free your prisoners and recruit them in their army. You need to lose on purpose!

Your heroes are usually very powerful at this state of the game. Temporarly kick them out of your party.

Deposit all remaining troops in one of your towns or castles.

Take the role of the marshall, because your marshall defends your castles/towns when someone besieges them (you do not want this at this moment).

Fill all of your prisoner slots with units.

Empty one castle of your choice (remote castles in calm areas are suited best for this – especially if you can besiege them with ladders).

Wait in your empty castle and wait. One of the remaining A.I. lords may come soon to take this castle.

Try to catch up with the enemy. A fast horse and a good reaction is key. Some A.I. lords stand too far away from the castle to catch up with them. Prisoners slow you down so you are less likely to catch them traditionally. But you can get them if they stand too close to the besieged castle. The A.I. does not react immediately if you approch them. The window to catch them is short but in most cases enough to surprise them.

Beware: The A.I. lord might be not ready for battle (health is too low). This results in 0/1 army size. The A.I. lord will lose the battle in this case.

Fight with the A.I. lord but actually do not fight him. Let him beat you up. You are going to become his prisoner and he frees every prisoner you had. This will boost up his party-size and the lord is very likely to conquer the besieged castle.

After you freed yourself (just wait), wait some time. The enemy king will respawn in this newly conquered castle.

Crush him and his allies and become ruler of Calradia.

Note: You can do many of these steps in a different order.

by Toffyfox

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