Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord – Which Faction to Choose (Empires, Vladian, Sturgia, etc.)

This guide will help you on which faction to choose (Calradic Empire, Vladian, Stugia, The Southern Empire, Vlandia, etc.) in Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord.

Which Faction to Choose?

So Bannerlord is here and you haven’t done any research? Well, no problem. Here’s a quick rundown of the factions and their leaders.

So, character culture is also known as your faction. Its actually just where your character is from but In terms of the game it only really affects the bonus you get as you can end up siding with any faction in the game and your place of spawn on the map is the same for each… anyways,

The Vlandian monarchy, located on the west coast of Calradia is based on the Norman Vikings and the french. They are led by King Derthert who prefers to rule by negotiation. but the people think the descendants of Osric Iron-Arm deserve a king strong of arm.
Their army specializes in heavy cavalry and i think personally their bonus is the best overall as its gonna let you always be a higher level than your enemies.

The Principality of Sturgia, is a clan-based on The Russian people who were people taken over Vikings. They are located in the northern forests and only came to be a century ago when they elected the CUrrent Grand Prince Raganvad to lead them in war. Raganvad is the son of a nordic princess and as such he is harsh and uncompromising, believing it’s the right of the prince to command the boyars in all things.

They specialize in infantry and their bonus is only really good for around their territory.

The Calradic Empire, taking up the center of the map and based on Greece, Rome, and Byzantium, once owned a massive amount of Calradia, but has since been weakened by invasions from other peoples and the onset of a three-way civil war.

The Northern Empire, led by the Oligarch Lucon. He Firmly believes that the senate should rule supreme and no king should ever rule the empire.

The Southern Empire, ruled by Rhagaea, widow of the assassinated emperor Arenicos. She wishes to find proper a suitor for her daughter to continue the dynasty

The Western third of the empire is ruled by Garios. A charismatic general who is loved by his soldiers, both for his record in battle and his insistence that his veterans be compensated with land. His soldiers shut down any opposition to his claim.

Their armies use a balance of heavy cavalry (including cataphracts), spearmen, and archers. And their bonus is best for conquering the whole map late game due to their increased construction speed.

The Aserai of the southern desert is based on the caravans and traders of the pre-Islamic Arabs. They are ruled by the Sultan Unqid. Who prefers to use his charm, and wallet to keep the peace.

They are very good at both cavalry and infantry tactics and their bonus is one of the best if you want to rollplay merchant and make a trade empire.

The Khuzaits are a nomadic people based upon Mongols and Turks who inhabit the eastern steppe. Urkhun the Khuzait led the clans into the empire and formed a Khanate. He inspired the unruly clans to unite but after his death, it was Khan Monchug rose up and wished to surpass his ancestor by conquering the empire. Other clans within however, yearn for peace after such a long time-fighting.

They specialize in mounted archery and their bonus allows you to really take advantage of that if you’re running a lot of cavalries. Decent

The Battanians inhabit the central woodlands of Calradia and are based on the Celts; The current High King of Battania is Caladog. A brilliant war captain of no great lineage, adopted by the prior king Uthelhain, who then died in mysterious circumstances.

They’re your typical highlanders who specialize in ambushes and guerilla warfare. There’s a lot of forest on the map so you’ll be able to outmaneuver in them.

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