Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord – Tips for Trading in Beta 1.0.11

Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord: useful tips for trading in Beta 1.0.11 (Hotfix).

Tips for Trading in Beta 1.0.11

A very cheap way of getting work horses (horses that can carry a weight of 100 per horse) is to buy them from caravans you may meet. They are called old work horses and cost around 20 to 25 per horse.

Caravans are also very good for selling big bulks of goods. Like villages (without the limit of 1000 gold) and unlike cities, prices are fixed. So, if you find a good that is selling at a high price in a caravan, you will make a lot of denars if you have it in bulk!
Prices are fixed also for buying!

Now, from what I noticed, caravans tend to have a similar products demand to nearby towns. This means, if I buy a big quantity of any good (lets suppose flax at a price of 9 to 11 denars/unit), I can go near a city that needs flax and sell everything to a caravan without having the price dropping down.

Also, thanks to my old work horses, I can carry as much as I want.

By Karnage

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