Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord – Offensive Siege Engineer Guide (10 Steps to Conquer)

Offensive siege engineer guide will help you on 10 steps to conquer the castle easily in Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord.


Building siege ballistas catapalts and what not is a bit tricky because the enemy always has a jumpstart on you, leading to whatever you build being instantly wrecked by their 5 ballistas. But there is a way to easily circumvent this.

Offensive Siege Engineer Guide

10 Steps to Conquer

Ok here is what you do, I am an engineer IRL so I’m pretty sure I know what im talking about.

1. Start the siege, keep an eye out on what the enemy is building and ensure you have a significantly high amount of troops to repel armies that attack you, this will take a while depending on how long you wait.

2. Build Weapons asap, do not build a trebuchet first, choose something quick like a fire ballista.

3. Slow game down to normal speed.

4. The most important part instantly right click your completed siege weapon and send it to your reserves, hopefully the defending weaponary launched an attack into nothing and did no damage, sometimes it will take ghost damage if you dont do it in time.

5. Repeat steps 4 for each different type of weapon, so you have one of everything in reserves. DO NOT BUILD THE TREBUCHET YET

6. I know you can build the trebuchet, but only when everything else has finished building.

7. Once the trebuchet has completed building, instantly deploy your weapons from reserves so that you have a weapon in every slot.

8. Whenever something dies, replace it by building something appropriate, probably not the trebuchet unless you really need it because it will take too long, a ballista is pretty safe.

9. Continue this until the walls collapse.

10. When the walls come down, or when you feel like you have done enough damage, its time to lead a siege and attack!

By 『Catharsis』

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