Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord – Istiana’s Plan and Weaken Empire Quest (How to Complete)

This a guide for Istiana’s Plan and Weaken Empire Quests will help you on how to complete them in Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord.

Istiana’s Plan and Weaken Empire Quest (How to Complete)

Weaken Empire Quest

Weaken Empire Quest is this:

  • In order for the Empire to go into its final decline, there should be fewer than 4 imperial-owned settlements. If this happens, another kingdom can become the dominant power in Calradia.

Useful Tips

To complete Weaken Empire Quest, you need more money, influence, factions, food and especially skills. Because you need to defeat any empire in Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord (recommend: Northern Empire). This is hard for you but you can handle it.

Firstly, try to defeat ruler of empire and especially make him your prisoner. To find him,

  • Press N
  • Go to Encyclopedia
  • Search for […] Empire
  • See Ruler or Owner
  • Select and track him

Secondly, you need other factions and armies. This is very important for you (see how to create army).

Thirdly, be careful about your policies after having a kingdom and support your members again and again.

Fourthly, do not be shy and assault empire’s castles.

Istiana’s Plan Quest

Istiana’s Plan Quest wants to complete this:

  • Istiana knows of the rise of your Kingdom of the Cumrights. Rumors say Istiana is planning to undo your progress. Be ready!
    • Conspiracy Strength 1000/2000

Useful Tips

To complete it, you need to go to Epicrotea and take a walk around the town center. Clear all bandits and wait here several days (see guide). And then complete Weaken Empire quest.

Note: I do not know it is true or not that I cleared bandits again after restarting the game and I realized Istiana’s Plan Quest is progressed:

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