Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord – How to Locate Companions (List)

It is a guide on how to locate companions (with list) within Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord. Also, how to rejoin companions to my party?

How to Locate Companions?

To find any companion in the game, follow the following instructions:

  • 1. Press ‘n’ to bring up the Encyclopedia
  • 2. Go to the ‘heroes’ tab
  • 3. Scroll down and filter (on the left tab) under occupation the ‘Wanderer’.
  • 4. This lists all the available companions with their location and skills

Note: You can see the companion their (main) stats if you click on them and look at the bottom left.

Companion List

This list shows all the available companions I have met so far in the game.

It’s a matter of time before it will be explained. Feel free to reply or contact me to share the knowledge of new companions.

Orgunda the Wronged:

  • Stats: full vigor
  • Specialize: 1h / 2h/ polearm
  • Location: Askar

Name: Juthys the Wronged

  • Stats: Control and Vigor
  • Specialize: 1 or 2 skills into all skills of control and vigor
  • Location: Razih

Name: Temyr the Fish

  • Stats: Vigor / Control
  • Specialize: 2h / bow
  • Location:

Name: Davan Frostbeard

  • Stats: Vigor / control
  • Specialize: 2h / archery / riding / scouting
  • Location:

Name: Kryslav Bloodaxe

  • Stats: Vigor / control / endurance
  • Specialize: 1 or 2 points into vigor, control and endurance
  • Location:

Name: Alkirya Willowbark

  • Stats: Vigor / control / endurance
  • Specialize 1 or 2 into vigor, control and endurance. 2 points in medicine.
  • Location:

Name: irah the Black

  • Stats: Vigor/control
  • Specialize: Max archery / 1 hand
  • Location: Onira

Una the Healer:

  • Stats: Vigor / control / Intelligence
  • Specialize: 1h / bow / medicine / scouting
  • Location: Phycaon

Nadea the Black:

  • Stats: Vigor/controll/endurance
  • Specialize: 2h / polearm / bow
  • Location: Amprela

by Lampades

How to Rejoin Companions to My Party?

Kick them from clan and go to the nearest major town, they will be in tavern.

by Syfo Dyaas

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