Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord – How to Fix Archers (No Firing)

Is it a bug or default? How to fix archers no firing at will in Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord.

How to Fix Archers (No Firing)?

I think the fires at will order is set by default. This means if you try to activate it, you’re actually telling them to not fire at all. But I am not sure.

Try these “tested: it helps”. Because they helped me. I know after reading “it helps” you can think “this is embarrassing”, but nothing to do. Comment below If you have any idea.

Tested: It Helps


  • – What terrain affect it: all terrains (forest, desert, clear field and etc)
  • – Weather: any (sunny and rainy)
  • – What chances to have this bug: something like 1 battle in 5 (but it’s random, you can have 10 in a row and then boom)

1- It Helps

  • – Press “Fire at will” and “Hold Fire” lots of times
  • – Give them free will (F6)

Most of the time they just wait until enemy get in front of them and die

2- It Helps

  • – Save before battle then chase the enemy and try different battlefields

3- It Helps (Try but Not Worked For Me)

  • – Restart battle from autosave (when you have dialogue option opened)
  • – Restart game before battle
  • – Move archers in different positions

by Ля какой

Thoughts (Archers fire or not)

The “fire at will” command has two functions: “hold fire” and “fire at will”. They are the same button. Watch the lower left of the screen to see which command you’re actually giving to your troops.

by lonesomeSparrow

Use your troop commands. Select 2 for archers, and then use formation and maneuvers to relocate them.

by Ex-Nihilo

Archers won’t fire through allies so maybe its a case of your melee troops being too close.

by Fujiwara

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