Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord – How to Edit Units (Infantry, Soldier, etc.)

Short guide on how to get started with editing your own units (infantry, soldier, etc.) in Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord.

How to Edit Units?

Getting Started

  • Right-click on Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord (on Steam) –> “Manage” –> “Browse local files”
  • Now open the folder: “Modules”
  • Open the folder “SandboxCore” (ignore the other folders for now)
  • Now head for the folder “ModuleData”
  • Open the “spnpccharacters.xml” with any editor ( I recommend Notepad++ ) but first, make a copy just to be safe!
  • Go to “fin” but before you change anything, make sure you made a copy of the .”xml”. This should look like this now:

You can skip the following textwall if you want and head to the next section.

Under skills you can change the value of the skills, under equipment you can change the equipment the unit has. (some might have multiple equipment trees. you can give the trees different equipment, so that the unit gets randomized equipment in battle.)

For example: EQ-tree 1 got 1 sword:

  • <equipment slot=”Item0″
  • id=”Item.sturgia_sword_2_t3″ />

and EQ-tree 2 got an axe:

  • <equipment slot=”Item0″
  • id=”Item.sturgia_axe_3_t3″ />

Now the unit can hold a sword OR an axe in battle, since both weapons are for item slot 0 (“Item0”) so there is a 50% chance for one of the items. if you make 3 different “Item0” weapons there is a 33.333333% chance and so on.

Character Section

<NPCCharacter id=”sturgian_soldier” <——– don’t change

default_group=”Infantry” <——– infantry, archer or chavalry etc

level=”16″ <——- level of the unit

civilianTemplate=”NPCCharacter.sturgia_troop_civilian_template_t2″ <— Character model

name=”{=brlJJW5I}Sturgian Veteran Fyrd” <——– Ingame Name

occupation=”Soldier” <—- don’t change

culture=”Culture.sturgia” <—- don’t change

skill_template=”NPCCharacter.infantry_heavyinfantry_level16_template_skills”> <— don’t change.-

Gear Section

<equipmentSet> <— Start <…>

<equipment slot=”Item0″ <—- item 1

id=”Item.sturgia_sword_2_t3″ />

<equipment slot=”Item1″ <— item 2

id=”Item.northern_round_shield” />

<equipment slot=”Item2″ <— item 3

id=”Item.northern_spear_2_t3″ />

<equipment slot=”Head” <— Headgear

id=”Item.goggled_helmet_over_leather” />

<equipment slot=”Cape” <— Shouldergear

id=”Item.wrapped_scarf” />

<equipment slot=”Body” <— Bodygear

id=”Item.northern_padded_gambeson” />

<equipment slot=”Gloves” <— Handgear

id=”Item.highland_gloves” />

<equipment slot=”Leg” <— Thicc legs

id=”Item.highland_boots” />

</equipmentSet> <— end (always with </…>)

Easy isn’t it? just don’t do any spelling mistakes and it will work out 😀

Skill Section

Just don’t change the names of the “<skill id=”…” and you will be fine. just touch the numbers and destroy the balance of the game, haha. or fix the heavy lancers…you know which ones…


<skill id=”Athletics”

value=”70″ />

<skill id=”Riding”

value=”30″ />

<skill id=”OneHanded”

value=”70″ />

<skill id=”TwoHanded”

value=”40″ />

<skill id=”Polearm”

value=”70″ />

<skill id=”Bow”

value=”30″ />

<skill id=”Crossbow”

value=”10″ />

<skill id=”Throwing”

value=”40″ />


Face Section

Facetime. Honestly, i never touched this.


<face_key_template value=”NPCCharacter.villager_sturgia” /> <—- change to make beautiful



In the spitems.xml you can find all the precious item-ID’s your heart desires.

Now have fun messing with the game.

The Original xml is Gone! What Now?!

If you fed it up and forgot to make a copy of the xml. you can always delete it and repair M&B Bannerlord via Steam. After that, the old xml should be back.


copy the xml, and edit the copy on a second screen, while playing. so you can look up the armor etc ingame.

how to get all items ingame:

\documents\mygames\Mount and Blade II Bannerlord\Configs\engine_config.txt —> cheat_mode = 0

change the 0 to a 1

now you are able to look up all ingame items if you open your inventory. and then search for the ID in the spitems.xml via search.

By Deus Volt

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  1. Any time I adjust the fields for different armors and weapons for units the game crashes on startup. Everything is spelled correctly and im getting the item ids directly from the game files, not sure exactly whats going wrong. Do you have any input?

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