Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord – How to Complete The Spy Party (Walkthrough)

This walkthrough helps you on how to complete The Spy Party Quest in Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord.

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How to Complete The Spy Party?

I thought I would make a quick guide of this quest to help people as I found this quest confusing as hell! I hope it helps guys and have fun with the new game, cause I sure am!

After you have accepted the quest and headed to the city in which the quest tells you to go to, you wanna choose to walk around the city (don’t pick fight in the area which I done at first).

SAVE the game before entering the city.

Once in the city here’s what you wanna do:

  • Ask around the peasants and civilians to get clues (don’t worry about the ones that say he might escape because he wont).
  • Once you get 3 clues (beard, hair and no scars) here’s when it gets confusing, one of the clues are false…
  • There are 4 contenders in the city (at locations such as clearings, waterfront, back alleys, etc.) they are usually hanging about with thugs – ONE of them is the spy – so there are two ways you can do this.
  • SAVE the game and kill each one, if it’s the wrong one then load the save and do this till you kill the right one (this is what I done)


  • Find out which clue is false by the way the peasant or civilian says it (i.e if they don’t sound so sure about what they are telling you then it’s probably false)

Anyways I hope this helped with the quest and have fun playing!

by JackalTaco

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