Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord – Headman Sinor Quest (How to Complete)

This guide will help you on how to complete Headman Sinor Quest in Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord.

Headman Sinor Quest

How to Find Headman Sinor?

You need to go to the village.

Go up at the village.

See Headman Sinor and talk with him:

Headman Sinor with red hat stands in front of house. You can see above screenshot.

Then recruit troops and buy products.

Again talk with him. He asks that “Have you finished preparations?”

Press “Tab” and leave the village. Buy 2 grain, recruit troops.

It is done :“We have finished our preparations. Let’s talk to the headman again. He had said he may have a task for us. We could use his friendship.”

Again talk with Headman Sinor:

“There’s this wandering doctor who comes through here from time to time. Name of Tacteos. Treats people for free… We’re fond of him. Well, we last saw him a few days ago. He was carrying some sort of chest, which he was very mysterious about. He was on some sort of’quest’, he said, though wouldn’t tell us more. He set off on the road just a few hours before the raiders come through here. Well, he’s not really a worldly type, just the kind of fellow who’d stumble into a trap and let himself be captured. We’re worried about him.”

How to Locate and Rescue Traveller?

Quest: Look around the village to find the party that captured the traveller whom the headman told you about (3)

You will see raiders near the village. Attack them.

After defeating you will receive the message: “You rescue several prisoners that the raiders had been dragging along. They look parched and exhausted. You give them a bit of water and bread, and after a short while one staggers to his feet and comes over to you.”

And then go back to talk with Headman Sinor.


He is in hideout. To find, click Radagos quest and click blue Radagos. And then track him, find in canyon (hideout).

Defeat him and his troops. He will says: “Well. I recognize defeat when I see it. If I’m going to be your captive, let me introduce myself. I’m Radagos.”

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