Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord – Family Feud Quest (How to Fix Bugs)

Family Feud quest in Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord has some bugs while gaming. This guide will try to help you on how to fix bugs.

How to Fix Bugs on Family Feud Quest?


Family Feud is a buggy quest but its pretty great since if gives u 10 relation with the quest giver when completed while only losing 5 with the hurt party. Sadly the quest is one of the more buggy. Thankfully, I have 2 solutions that work on two of the issues I’ve encountered.

Bug 1 Can’t Finish Fight

If when fighting the npc when you finish him and his thugs he talks to you like nothing happens… The only solution I could find was to reload to a previous save and savescum the conversation way to finish the quest. When talking to him click the option that mentions the law and save scum until you get the outcome that results in no fight. Or of course you can turn the npc you’re escorting over.

Bug 2 NPC Won’t Enter Village

The other bug I encountered had it so the npc I was escorting would not enter the town with me and therefore when I talked to the npc I was at the village for he would talk to me normally and the quest dialogue would not trigger. To fix this go to the town screen but dont actually enter the town instance, click on the clan button, click the npc you were escorting from your clan. Now he will be residing in the town. Next, talk to that npc in the town, and ask him to lead you to the npc you were at the town for, follow him to the npc, and then talk to him when they are close together. When you do this the quest can then be completed.

Note: if when you kick the npc out of your clan he is not in the town; exit then reenter the town menu screen and he should be in there now.


I hope this helps, if there are any other bugs with the quest that I did not mention here leave them as a comment and hopefully we can crowdsource a fix. I will add and credit any other bugs / fixes.

by RedProtocol

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  1. Thanks for the tips!
    For the bug in which your protegee doesn’t spawn: you don’t have to kick him nor to ask for directions: in the village, you can click the “+” button at the top right corner, and select him to be left there. After that, just talk straight to the angry local from the map interface and you’re good..
    It looks like this bug happens when you load between the time you pick up the guy you need to protect and the time you meet with the one who wants to kill him.

  2. Great fix mate! Quest NPC wouldn’t follow me through town to person who gave me the quest in first place. But when I spoke to the quest giving npc i said they are with me and it worked. Thanks

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