Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord – Assemble the Dragon Banner and Istania’s Quest

This guide like walkthrough will help you on Assemble the Dragon Banner Quest and Istania’s Quest in Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord.

Useful Tips for Main Quests

Assemble the Dragon Banner

This is activated as soon as you completed the first main quest “Neretzes’ Folly”.

You will be tasked to speak with both Istiana and Arzagos. These are the two important characters who’ll tell you about Calradia’s history.

Istiana is in Epicrotea and she wants to continue supporting the Calradic Empire despite its fracturing due to civil wars. Arzagos, meanwhile, lives in Mannurath; he prefers that the empire be destroyed and that a non-imperial faction should rule in its place. They will be highlighted in the map.

I suggest you talk to both of them before selecting which side you will be taking on.

You will then be notified of two bandit hideouts near the main settlements (seen below). According to Istania and Arzagos, these two camps have the missing pieces of the Dragon Banner. Go attack the hideouts and defeat their respective leaders and you’ll have the Dragon Banner ready.

For my build, I went with archer and sword build along with my units. With this setup, killing these bandits will be easier as you can kite them when they start to run towards you.

When a boss fight ensues, I had my units team up with me as the boss and his bodyguards AI are too OP for me. 🙂

As you vanquish these 2 hideouts, go back either to Arzagos or Istiana to select which next quest you would like to take.

Note: You must first join a kingdom if you wish to support it when you hand over the Dragon Banner.

Istiana wants you to support the empire and here are her requirements:

Option 1: Create an imperial faction – be at clan rank 3, have 100 troops, be an independent clan, and own an imperial settlement.

Option 2: Support an imperial faction – present the Dragon Banner to a ruler of the three warring

Groups: Lucon (Northern Empire), Rhagaea (Southern Empire), or Garios (Western


Arzagos, meanwhile, has slightly different plans:

Option 1: Create a non-imperial kingdom – be at clan rank 3, have 100 troops, be an independent clan, and own a settlement.

Option 2: Support a non-imperial kingdom – present the Dragon Banner to a ruler of the independent kingdoms: Unqid (Aserai), Caladog (Battania), Monchug (Khuzait), Raganvad (Sturgia), or Derthert (Vlandia).

You can refer back to the map for your reference on different empire locations.

Note: I chose Istiana’s plan which i will cover in the next upcoming guide.

Istania’s Quest (Dragon Banner)

For this playthrough, I have chosen Istania’s quest line. I got 3 new quest updates after I spoke to her.

I chose the Southern empire and gave my Dragon Banner to Rhagaea.

You will then have to start the quest by becoming a mercenary under her banner. (once you reach clan level 3, you can start becoming a vassal to own castles and lands)

Join in with the war with your empire and sell the spoils of war. Keep upgrading your skills and level up your team during this time. I keep attacking large numbers of thieves and enemies. I also skipped side missions at this time

Note: Thanks to plasmalaser1 for the witcher banner design. I will update this once I completed this quest line.

By JiggsMeister

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