Monster Prom 2: Monster Camp – Comprehensive Backpack Items List Guide

This guide contains comprehensive backpack items list in Monster Prom 2: Monster Camp.

Backpack Items List Guide

How Do Starting Stats Work?

All four player characters are the same gameplay-wise. All their starting stats are at 3, and the items you choose to pack will make some of those stats higher.

An item that gives you only one stat will give you +3 in it. An item that gives you two stats will give you a +2 in the one with the larger icon, and +1 in the other.

Backpack Items List

ItemPrimary statSecondary stat
BFF bracelet it+2 Charm+1 Creativity
Bladeblade+2 Boldness+1 Fun
Bootleg Juan+2 Charm+1 Fun
Build your own golem+2 Smarts+1 Creativity
Business anal paste+2 Smarts+1 Charm
Campfire songbook+2 Smarts+1 Creativity
Canned brain+2 Smarts+1 Creativity
Chess 2+2 Fun+1 Smarts
Coloring Hawaiian shirt+2 Creativity+1 Charm
Competitive tarot+2 Fun+1 Charm
Coral comb+3 Charm 
Cult ring+2 Charm+1 Smarts
Cursed pen+2 Creativity+1 Smarts
Dragon Heat+2 Creativity+1 Fun
Fake noble title+2 Creativity+1 Charm
Flashback light+2 Boldness+1 Creativity
Griffin pasta+2 Boldness+1 Smarts
Hardtack+2 Boldness+1 Smarts
Hellfire portable BBQ+2 Creativity+1 Boldness
Hipster costume+2 Charm+1 Smarts
Human wool sweater+2 Charm+1 Creativity
Insect repellent+2 Boldness+1 Charm
Instantpost camera+2 Creativity+1 Charm
Iron maiden sleeping bag+2 Charm+1 Boldness
Lemonade dakimakura+2 Charm+1 Fun
The sword of Ro’ar+3 Boldness 
Magic mirror+2 Charm+1 Smarts
Magic mushrooms guide+2 Smarts+1 Fun
Magma trekking boots+2 Boldness+1 Smarts
Marshmarrows+2 Boldness+1 Fun
MC Griffin EP+2 Fun+1 Creativity
Multitool+2 Smarts+1 Boldness
Northfacing moss+2 Smarts+1 Boldness
Orgy etiquette+2 Smarts+1 Charm
Penguin mask+2 Fun+1 Boldness
Philosopher stone growing kit+2 Creativity+1 Smarts
Pinata pooltoy+2 Fun+1 Charm
Pocket therapist+3 Smarts 
Pokeman TCG+2 Fun+1 Smarts
Recorder+2 Creativity+1 Fun
Satanist kit+2 Smarts+1 Boldness
Scott snacks+3 Fun 
Shades on fire+2 Boldness+1 Charm
Sketchbook+3 Creativity 
Sleeping beauty bag+3 Charm 
Smallest violin+2 Creativity+1 Smarts
Sock puppet+2 Fun+1 Creativity
Spooky campfire stories+2 Creativity+1 Boldness
Spork+2 Boldness+1 Creativity
Sudoku Rubix cube+2 Fun+1 Smarts
Swole floaties+2 Fun+1 Boldness
Tardigrade plushie+2 Fun+1 Charm
Too many crosswords+2 Smarts+1 Fun
Totally fine ukulele+2 Creativity+1 Boldness
Uranium lipstick+2 Charm+1 Boldness
Vampire sunhat+2 Charm+1 Boldness
Woodcarving machete+2 Boldness+1 Creativity

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