Monster Prom 2: Monster Camp – Bus Ride Guide (Backpack, Icebreaker)

Th,s is bus ride guide (backpack, icebreaker) in Monster Prom 2: Monster Camp.

Bus Ride Guide (Backpack, Icebreaker)

The fun at Camp Spooky doesn’t start on the camping grounds, it starts on the bus! But you better make sure you’ve packed correctly.


The fun at Camp Spooky doesn’t start on the camping grounds, it starts on the bus! But you better make sure you’ve packed correctly. Wouldn’t want to forget something as essential as your Scott Snacks! You should also probably think of some cool icebreakers to get the conversation going.

If I forgot anything or got anything wrong, please tell me so I can add it!

Packing your backpack
BFF Bracelet Kit+2 Charm +1 Creativity
Bladeblade+2 Boldness +1 Fun
Book of Orgy Etiquette+2 Smarts +1 Charm
Bootleg Juan+2 Charm +1 Fun
Build Your Own Golem+2 Smarts +1 Creativity
Business Anal Paste+2 Smarts +1 Charm
Campfire Songbook+2 Smarts +1 Creativity
Canned Brain+2 Smarts +1 Creativity
Chess 2+2 Fun +1Smarts
Coloring Hawaiian Shirt+2 Creativity +1 Cham
Competitive Tarot+2 Fun +1 Charm
Coral Comb+3 Charm
Cult Ring+2 Charm +1 Smarts
Cursed Pen+2 Creativity +1 Smarts
Dragon Heat+2 Creativity +1 Fun
Fake Noble Title+2 Creativity +1 Charm
Flashback Light+2 Smarts +1 Fun
Griffin Pasta+2 Boldness +1 Smarts
Hardtack+2 Boldness +1 Smarts
Hellfire Portable BBQ+2 Creativity +1 Boldness
Hipster Costume+2 Charm +1 Smarts
Human Wool Sweater+2 Charm +1 Creativity
Instantpost Camera+2 Creativity +1 Charm
Iron Maiden Sleeping Bag+2 Creativity +1 Boldness
Lemonade Dakimakura+2 Charm +1 Fun
Magic Mirror+2 Charm +1 Smarts
Magic Mushrooms Guide+2 Smarts +1 Fun
Magma Trecking Boots+2 Boldness +1 Smarts
Marshmarrows+2 Boldness +1 Fun
Mc Griffin EP+2 Fun +1Creativity
Multitool+2 Smarts +1 Boldness
Northfacing Moss+1 Smarts +1 Boldness
Penguin Mask+2 Fun +1 Boldness
Philosopher Stone Growing Kit+2 Creativity +1 Smarts
Piñata Pooltoy+2 Fun +1 Charm
Pocket Therapist+3 Smarts
Pokeman TCG+2 Fun +1 Smarts
Recorder+2 Creativity +1 Fun
Satanist Kit+2 Smarts +1 Boldness
Scott Snacks+3 Fun
Shades on Fire+2 Boldness +1 Charm
Sketchbook+3 Creativity
Sleeping Beauty Bag+3 Charm
Sock Puppet+2 Fun +1 Creativity
Spooky Campfire Stories+2 Creativity +1 Boldness
Spork+2 Boldness +1 Creativity
Sudoku Rubik Cube+2 Fun +1 Smarts
Swole Floaties+2 Fun +1 Boldness
Tardigrade Plushie+1 Fun +1 Charm
The Smallest Violin+2 Creativity +1 Smarts
The Sword of Ro’ar, King of the Lions+3 Boldness
Too Many Crosswords+3 Smarts Fun
Totally Fine Ukulele+2 Creativity +1 Boldness
Uranium Lipstick+2 Charm +1 Boldness
Vampire Sunhat+2 Charm +1 Boldness
Very Strong Insect Repellent+2 Boldness +1 Charm
Woodcarving Machete+2 Boldness +1 Creativity
Breaking the ice
What’s your favorite hobby?
Crimes!Raising SucculentsBeing popularVery anime workoutsSaving the worldEfficient farming
Break the ice by doing something unexpected on the bus!
Just a huge burpSpend the trip updating your softwareStart taking selfies compulsivelySwear about your sworn enemyJust sigh loudlyChallenge someone to a staring duel
Besides finding love, what’s your main goal at summer camp?
To be the very best at survivalTo improve my understanding of living thingsTo strengthen my relationship with mascarponeTo earn all the monster scout badgesTo be left alone just for onceTo level up as a person
Which of these animals do you like the most?
Crocodiles (especially when thrown at me)CatsTamagotchisPeacocksChickens. they can kill you.Badgers, they don’t give a ♥♥♥♥ about anything.
Which of these would be your favorite food?
A wine to die forA punch to the faceWhatever gives you the best statsA yummy usbThe nicest guacBurning hot wings
Which book would you take to a deserted island?
Interview with the (Very Sexy) VampireThe Art of WarThe Little Very Angry PrinceGuide for Speedrunning LifeMy microwave manualFamous Last Words
Which of these articles would you most want to read?
50 facts about sequoiasMy deep complex feelings about camembertHow to headbutt a very big rockCommon mistakes when performing your first fertility ritualVery illegal things I’d do if in international watersSecret trick to win at rock, paper, scissors

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