Monster Hunter: World – How to Beat Alatreon (Kjarr, Dual Blade)

A guide on how to beat Alatreon solo (useful tips for Ice Kjarr, Dual Blade, crews, LS, etc.) in Monster Hunter: World.

Basics of Alatreon

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Before The Hunt

Elemental damages play a huge role in an Alatreon hunt. The monster can only be knocked down once enough elemental damage has been done to it, and it will be the only thing standing in between a successful hunt and a failed one.

Multiplayer is almost a must here as you will most likely want to have at least one of Ice+Fire elemental weapon in your party.

Nulberry and Immunity Mantle are recommended mostly for Dragonblight, since it stops you from being able to deal elemental damages. It might seem minor at first but it does stack up over the course of the hunt.

Bonus points to Immunity Mantle as it also prevents you from being stunned altogether while it’s active.

A healer in your party would also help immensely, although it’s enough to bring 6 Dust of Life + Astera Jerky (or Max Potions) with you for his ultimate moves.

Second to Felyne Safeguard, you should always be looking to grab Elemental Resistance (L) as this will help you A LOT in terms of your survivability.

Aim for the horn

Alatreon is able to switch between forms, (Fire Active, Ice Active, and Dragon Active) and so different types of elements will be more or less effective at different points of the hunt. This can be delayed/stopped by destroying its horn once/twice respectively.

The priority of this lessens the more diverse elements you have in your hunting party.

His moves to look out for.

This will not cover ALL of his movesets, but the ones that, from my experience, people are succumbing to.

The ‘random’ lightning strikes

This isn’t particular difficult to dodge, however, something you should know is that lightning doesn’t strike twice. Once a spot has been struck by lightning, you can stand in that particular area without being struck again for the duration of the move.

You’ll be able to easily squeeze in any hits/healings during this time.

The mini Escaton Judgement (Dragon Active)

During this move, Alatreon will be standing relatively still and charging up. The telegraph for this is when he’s charging up with Dragon Element sparks emitting off of him. Back away from him (or parry/block/perfect dodge, whatever you fancy~) This move does a surprising amount of damage and would throw your party into disarray for a time.

The radius of this move is relatively small so it will not be difficult to avoid either way.

The Real Escaton Judgement (Fire/Ice Active)

Alatreon will charge up for a supernova-like DoT, but much much more powerful. You will know it when you see it coming. Do not superman dive as it will instantly kill you. This move is the famous hunt ender, but it could easily be negated with one simple trick.

Attack him while he’s charging.

With enough elemental damages done to him during this charge, the damage over time will become very manageable and will become a non-issue as you get used to it.

Alternatively, you can also bunch up together and use Health Booster+ in order to fight the pain.
I suggest doing both for cart-less guaranteed~

By r/F

How to Beat Alatreon?

I’ve fought Alatreon 7 times, killed him 6 times, all solo.

Just do elemental damage, lots of it. I did 1 run with kjarr dragon dual blades and it was extremely easy. 1 run with sticky ammo and ate for safeguard and had just enough time between each life to do enough damage to kill him (I don’t recommend this strategy though). All other runs were with kjarr dragon LS built for elemental damage.

Just keep attacking him and eventually he’ll explode and fall over backwards, and the handler will say you suppressed his elemental damage. Then his nova will do hardly any damage – you can survive only using 1 astera jerky.

Dragon seems to be a good choice since none of his forms nullify it – same with water and lightning. Fire and ice are his weaknesses but when he’s in the same form, your weapons do no damage.

Some misc tips:

– Stop using teostra armor with blast weapons. It works on everyone else, but not this guy.
– Equip fortify (duh)
– Use health boost. If you don’t, the nova might kill you even after you reduce its damage.
– Make Safeguard your first meal, and then on your last life eat for something that gives you attack (or element res if you’re wearing his armor)
– Bowgun users MUST use spareshot since you cannot restock ammo. For solo you may want to consider intentionally dying to the nova to get more ammo.
– Health boosters will help with the nova but if you played well then you won’t even need it.
– Equip free meal, unless you’re confident. You don’t need free meal secret or speed eating.
– Bring regular potions and 10 honey so you can craft 10 extra mega potions (only if you need them)
– Coalescence will help you deal with the elemental nonsense if you don’t have high res
– Plant a health booster right on top of him when he uses his nova. As soon as he lands, attack him and let the booster heal you.
– Don’t forget palicos! Use your palico skills throughout the fight.

How much dragon damage were your kjarr Dual blades and Kjarr LS each?

Kjarr DB = 700 + Safi bonus
Kjarr LS = 720
Alatreon LS = 1030 (purple sharp but no crit elem… might beat kjarr LS, idk)

Also tried with the Alatreon LBG, full Safi armor and NO element attack skills. I abused the bowgun’s ability to fire all elements rapid fire to just pick his weakness in each phase. Killed him without dying, novas were not an issue. (I did have elem augments, but no skills)

Going to try with the Alatreon GS on a frostcraft build next.

Ice Kjaar and Dual Blade

My personal strategy with Ice Kjaar DB is: (copied and pasted from another one of my posts) first fire phase pass the DPS check, first dragon phase break horn, 2nd fire phase pass the check again, then 2nd dragon phase break last horn, 3rd fire phase and 3rd dragon phase pass the DPS check and kill during first ice phase.

I used Kjaar Ice with a comfy MT+divine blessing secret build and I beat him on my second try. Absolutely melted the DPS check, the only problem is that you will have to script the run to not get ice active with horn breaks.

The kjarr DBs are a great matchup, but make sure you build properly. If your armor skills are weak then you won’t do enough damage even if you have great weapons.

His gear isn’t godlike or anything. Some early calculations show that his weapons are roughly the same level as kjarr dragon weapons (against dragon weak monsters).
His armor is really cool in my opinion and has a ton of skills and gem slots, but it’s not “meta” so if that’s what you want, then you won’t find it on his armor.

What makes this guy unique is that you can’t take your time and play it safe (unless you’re playing frostcraft GS lol). If that was how you beat Furious Jang and Raging Brachy…. You’ll need a new strategy. Alatreon is a black dragon, and it’s clear Capcom wants to show you what that means.

One last note – if you find yourself getting hit from his attacks a lot and you spend half the fight healing, take some time to just practice dealing with his moves. Don’t worry about taking damage and dying. Don’t try to win the fight – try to learn the fight.

You Could be Use LS

I’ve beaten him with LS like 8 times now, and that’s normally considered a weapon with horrible elemental attacks. You can use any weapon class. Dual blades just seem to be one of the best matchups, along with LBG.

DB’s biggest issue is reaching his head. They struggle to do that, but overall have fantastic elemental damage output.

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