Monster Hunter: World – Fatalis Guide (Elements, Ailments, and More)

Fatalis in Monster Hunter: World guide (elements, ailments, and more) will help you.

Fatalis Guide

Find out everything about Fatalis to be prepared for when he hits Iceborne!

Bear in mind that this guide used information based on other MH Fatalis appearances, everything about him can change with its release to Iceborne, the guide will be updated accordingly then.

Fatalis, the Legendary Black Dragon, storms into Monster Hunter World: Iceborne

Hunters of the Fifth Fleet, it’s time to pay a visit to a historical site, and confront a living legend…

[Fatalis, the Legendary Black Dragon]

Passed down from generation to generation as just a legend, Fatalis is said to have wiped out an entire kingdom overnight. Such power and potential makes for very scary stories, but little evidence was ever made available. However, the Guild has now confirmed the return of this mythical Elder Dragon; it’s heading straight to Castle Schrade to finish what it had started.
Hunters, make sure you bring out your best gear and keep your wits about you venturing into this quest. Weapons from the castle’s last stand are still available—hopefully functional—and you’ll need all the help you can get to fend off the Legendary Black Dragon… and survive to tell the tales.

NOTE: Before you can take on the Special Assignment to hunt Fatalis, you must be MR 24 or higher, have completed at least the Safi’jiiva Recon Assignment, and have encountered Alatreon in its Special Assignment at least once.

[Fall Seasonal Event – Fun Fright Fest]

Our next seasonal event in Iceborne will be all about monsters. No, not the ones you hunt in Quests; we’re talking creatures of darkness… demons, succubus, and ghosts!
But don’t worry! These aren’t real. At least not in Astera or Seliana anyway. So we’re decking out the Seliana Gathering Hub with sinister new décor and tuning the music selection to “spooky.” We invite you to partake in the activities and, if you’re brave enough, try out our new seasonal food platter. Its nutritional value is a mystery worth the dare.
And as per tradition, we’ll feature a plethora of items to craft and collect: Armor Sets, Layered Armor, Weapon Pendants, Palico Gear, a Poogie Outfit and more!
Fun Fright Fest will run from October 16 until November 5 UTC.

[Arch-Tempered Velkhana]

Another Arch-Tempered Elder Dragon was just spotted on the horizon. This time, it’s none other than the flagship monster of Iceborne, Velkhana! Get ready to brave the harsh conditions of the Hoarfrost Reach once more and face off against the extremely powerful Arch-Tempered Velkhana.
Those who manage to vanquish this ruthless Elder Dragon will be awarded a special Weapon Pendant and materials to craft the versatile Velkhana γ (gamma) armor set.
Arch-Tempered Velkhana Event Quest will be live from October 16 UTC until November 5 UTC.

[Street Fighter V Collaboration Quests]

Here come new challengers! Ryu and Sakura make their way into Steam as Full Armor Sets and Layered Armor, part of special limited time Challenge Quests (special quests that take place in the Arena and offer you preset equipment choices). Fight hard and come out victorious in these quests to craft these fierce Full Armor Sets:

“Down the Dark, Muddy Path”
“Empress in Full Bloom” (I, II, III)
“The Awakened Satsui No Hado” (I, II, III)

And if you’re looking for Layered version of these outfits, you’ll want to complete these two Event Quests as well:

“When Blue Dust Surpasses Red Lust”
“The Heralds of Destruction Cry”

Street Fighter V Collaboration Challenge Quests will be available from October 1 UTC until November 5 UTC.

[Clutch Claw Boost]

With the arrival of new threats, Hunters must ready themselves as best as they can to stand a chance. And to help nudge the odds in your favor, we’re adding a new armor skill, called Clutch Claw Boost.
This handy new skill will allow heavy weapons (Great Sword, Hammer, Hunting Horn, Lance, Switch Axe, Charge Blade, Heavy Bowgun) to also draw slinger ammo from monsters—similar to what light weapons are capable of doing—while tenderizing a monster’s hide with their Clutch Claw weapon attack.
Conversely, light weapons (Long Sword, Sword & Shield, Dual Blades, Gunlance, Insect Glaive, Light Bowgun, Bow) will also benefit from this skill by tenderizing monsters’ hides with a single Clutch Claw weapon attack, while also drawing slinger ammo.

[Master Rank Layered Armor]

Calling all Fashion Hunters! The feature you’ve been waiting for is finally here. As of this latest update, Master Rank armor sets will now be available to craft as Layered Armor! Some sets will be tied to upcoming Event Quest rewards, but most sets are now available for crafting, mixing and matching. Now’s your time to shine: go, and become the Master Fashion Hunters!

[Elder Melder Decorations]

Good news for Hunters looking for some rare Decorations: the Elder Melder will now be able to craft some especially elusive jewels:

– Elementless Jewel 2
– Shield Jewel 2
– Sharp Jewel 2
– Dragonseal Jewel 3
– Mighty Bow Jewel 2
– Mind’s Eye Jewel 2


Fatalis is a traditional black dragon with a long neck and tail, along with a pair of large wings. Its body is covered in black scales and lined with white spines along its back. Its head features four backwards-facing horns and rows of enlarged teeth and fin-like ears. Like many other monsters, Fatalis has a pale underbelly, and like most other Elder Dragons, it possesses six limbs.

He is very hostile towards any creature but more so towards humans.

Its head is its weakest spot and the horns can be broken.

Fatalis can only be found at the ruins of Castle Schrade. Its origins are unknown.


  • Dragon
  • Fire


  • Fire
  • Dragon
  • possibly Bleeding
  • possibly Blast


  • Fire
  • Dragon
  • Fatalis is immune to any traps or hand thrown bombs such as the Flash Bombs and Sonic Bombs, although Barrel Bombs affect it, and it can be put to sleep, paralyzed or poisoned.
  • If enough damage is done to Fatalis it will be enraged until it dies.
  • When it’s doing its Snap and Drag attack getting into contact with ANY of its body parts will result in your death.
  • Shooting it with the Ballista or cannon found around the castle grounds when it is flying can cause it to fall down, creating a chance to deal some extra damage to Fatalis.


White Fatalis

White Fatalis (also known as Old Fatalis) is an Elder Dragon introduced in Monster Hunter 2.

White Fatalis is strikingly different from its relatives. It is covered in white scales and a line of fur runs down its back and tail. Its horns are antler-like and the structure of its head is significantly less reptilian than that of its counterparts. Like the mane of Kirin, the fur on Fatalis back produces a bright white light. When enraged, the throat and chest start to glow red and is surrounded with red lightning sparks.

Crimson Fatalis

Crimson Fatalis (also known as Red Fatalis) is an Elder Dragon introduced in Monster Hunter G

Crimson Fatalis is a Fatalis whose shells and scales have become a reddish-crimson color after generations of exposure to the Volcano. One of its four horns is extremely overgrown in comparison to the rest.

Castle Schrade

Schrade Kingdom (Japanese シュレイド王国) home to the now ruined Castle Schrade.

Castle Schrade is an arena area introduced in Monster Hunter that serves as the special area where Fatalis is fought. It is an abandoned castle that was built long ago, but is now in ruins, a shadow of its former glory. Thousands of years ago, a large disaster which is believed to be a single Fatalis, hit Schrade Kingdom without any warning. This disaster struck the eastern and western parts of Schrade Kingdom at the same time, as if the disaster came from the middle of the kingdom. It is believed a chaotic force brought the kingdom to its knee or another force altogether did. After this disaster, eerie clouds covered the once great kingdom leaving it in calamity.

Only Fatalis and White Fatalis appear here.

Castle Schrade will offer you multiple weapons to help fight and defeat Fatalis. These are know from Zorah Magdaros or Velkahna battles. The dragonator has a cooldown and can only used max. 2 per battle so make sure your timing is perfect before using it. Canons and Ballistaes can most likely be destroyed by Fatalis.

  • Ballistaes – Holds 10 arrows
  • Cannons – Store up to 5 canonballs before firing
  • Dragonator – limited uses, long cooldown
  • Gate – needs to be opened manually

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