Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin – Gene Guide (How to Mix, Find Better)

This shows gene guide (how to mix, find better) for Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin.

Gene Guide

Early guide for the genetic of our monsties, there are gonna be better of these in the future, but for all the people that have headches with this system, lets make it simple 😀


All monsters have a 3×3 bingo board (the one at the bottom right) that can have genes, all genes have abilities with a color and a icon saying which one is what.

Being these 6 colors and 4 icons, the colors being the element (Neutral, Fire, Water, etc) and the icons the type of attack (power/speed/tactic/blank-skill)

The Bingo Board

On the bingo board we want to play tic tac toe with our Monsties genes, making 3 ways with the same color or icon through all the board.

Every match gives power to our monstie, and this can get even better if we match both icon and color, be mindful that if the gene doesnt have a icon it do not count for a extra bingo.

There can be some slots locked, like with the Jaggi, These can be locked by lvl, so you can just level up the monstie till it unlocks it, if your monstie has more than 1 slot locked without level, try to get a better monstie, sorry 🙁

The Joker

The rainbow gene (the one in the middle) counts as all of the genes, but it doesnt give another ability, still pretty useful for some creativity with the bingo, tho we are keeping it simple.

Normally you’re looking for these so is a slot that you don’t need to fill.

How To Mix Them

To organize your Monsters full of power, you need to get at least to the 2nd town to learn the Channeling Rite.

With that, now you can SACRIFICE other monsties to make your team more stronger and make easier bingos using genes of the monsties that you’re no gonna use instead of only leaving them.

Where To Get Better Genes

Welp, I have only played to the 3rd town so, just keep the story to get better monsties and fill up your book of genes (in the same part of the bestiary).

The Basic Power Up

Keep it simple, if you have a Fire/Power Monstie, fill the bingo with fire-power genes, this will make your monstie very powerful in a specific way, the way that it is determinated to be.

That and yeah, name it, so you can love it <3 like my little Julius the Paolumus.

By Taitan

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