Monster Hunter Rise – What are Differences Between World and Rise

This contains what are the main differences between Monster Hunter World and Rise.

What are Differences

Some of you may remember my Monster Hunter World guide, which this guide is based on. While much of it is the same, you may want to check out the sections related to the notes below, as these cover the big stuff added in Rise.

The following are the biggest changes:

  • Vertical movement has been greatly expanded; you can now run and jump up walls and are encouraged to do so.
  • The clutch claw in Monster Hunter World Iceborne does not exist; it is replaced by the Wirebug, which assists in both combat and movement around the map.
  • Weapons now have Switch Skills, where parts of your moveset can be swapped out for different ones.
  • Monsters can be affected by blights.
  • The monster mounting system has been revamped into Wyvern Riding, where you take control over the monster. You can run around and attack other monsters for extra loot drops, knockdowns, and heavy damage.
  • Quests are separated by village and hub quests again. Village quests are solo only and only cover low rank. Hub quests are scaled for multiplayer, but can be done solo if desired. Hub quests also scale differently depending on how many hunters are in the quest.
  • Instead of crafting talismans and having decorations as RNG drops, the game has returned to crafting decorations and having talismans as RNG drops. Good luck!
  • You now have access to Palamutes! These Canynes are the dog-equivalent to Felyne Palicoes, and are more offense-oriented. You can ride them for faster ground traversal, even in town.
  • This game features Rampages, a quest type where you defend against waves of monsters by placing turrets and NPCs, making strategic use of wyvern fire and dragonators, or swinging into the fray yourself.
  • Endemic life has been expanded to help you get permanent or temporary buffs for the quest, or Hunting Helpers which can inflict status effects or alter monster behavior.

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