Mod and Play – Music (How to Play and Import) and How to Create Addons / Maps

This guide will help you on how to play and import music into ingame jukebox, how to create addons/maps in Mod and Play.

Music and Maps Guide (Mods)

How to Create Addons / Maps?

Fastest way to create mods and addons.

Software Download

How to Play Music?

  • 1) Head to this website –
  • 2) Find a song you want.
  • 3) Click Download.
  • 4) Copy the url of the window.
  • 5) Paste in the menu
  • 6) Enjoy!

Songs to try:

By GamingOfficialZZ

How to Import Your Music into Ingame Jukebox?

How do you turn on your music? 

Pretty simple!

VK: Go to, go to your account, allow everything you need. After that, you just have to click on the PCM download button, and select “Copy link.” Done! Insert, and the music plays!

For everything else: We use (an add-on for the browser), and simply copy the links to download this or that music (in case the video is Audio AAC 128k / bit)

I won’t write anything further, too lazy to fill out.

By Xo6a | TWD

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