Mirror 2: Project X – How to Get Third Ending (Releasing Leah)

A guide on how to get third ending (Releasing Leah) in Mirror 2: Project X.

How to Get Third Ending (Releasing Leah)

The guide leads to the third ending: releasing leah.


A guide on how to get third ending (Releasing Leah) in Mirror 2: Project X.

Warning: There will be no introductions. Meaning no showing what to do at the start. Check the Ending 2 Guide where you don’t pull the trigger of shooting yourself.

Click “Nope, this is a bad idea” box.

After that, you can choose wither you relax with Rita or stay with Leah to do the body examination.

  • Either is fine.

Once all of these above are done, you come back to Leah’s room, saying that Naoto (You) won’t be coming back for a while till you and Leah hear the screams of the staff. It seems an containment object has been breached…

Finally, you finished the hard part of the game which is Leah’s bomb and kiss.

Now your situation as a researcher is getting more serious. The Board of Directors will not persuade the matters forth but need Naoto (You) to relocate Leah to their headquarters for dissection.

You refused as you were trying to open up Leah for information about them but it’s to late. You need to convince that you can do it.

[Rita and Naoto’s Conversation]

[Defeat Rita]

After defeating Rita, you head over to Leah’s room about bringing Leah to a better place… But failed.

Now, you should choose the upper dialogue which I’ve highlighted white box which leads to Ending 3. The bottom one is the last ending for Leah’s story.

You go to Leah’s room, willing to flee with her when suddenly Rita knew you had second thoughts of protecting a monster.

You’ve achieved Ending 3: Fleeing Leah. You end up in the demon world with Leah as your wife.

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