Mirror 2: Project X – How to Get First Ending Guide

A guide on how to get the first ending in Mirror 2: Project X.

How to Get First Ending Guide

This guide leads to ending 1, occupied…

At the beginning, you can skip the introductions and head straight to finish Leah’s first game.

After that, there’s a decision to be made.

The two dialogue options will change your story. Either you can stay with Leah, playing chess with her or Rita, to help her researches and problems of the containment objects.

DO note that both of these dialogues will change how the puzzle will be. Leah’s bomb attack speed or Rita’s attack speed. Leah’s will be the hardest as you focus on removing the bombs and your health. I’d recommend Rita’s puzzle.

Either choice is fine, it’ll only change the gameplay.

Once you completed Rita’s or Leah’s puzzle game, the scene leads to the Board of Directors – Rita, communication. Naoto (You) is currently being investigated. Rita requests the Soloman’s Judgement as “bodyguards.”

Choose the boxes that are highlighted white which leads to Ending 1.

Select all three of the highlighted boxes will activate Ending 1. Leah will appear in the interrogation room, saying that they’ll use you for humanity.

You achieved Ending 1. You choose if this is the good or bad ending, considering you’ll serve Leah forever. The facility will be chopped into pieces by Leah’s abilities herself.

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