Mirror 2: Project X – 4 Endings Guide (How to Get)

This guide shows all endings (4) and how to get them in Mirror 2: Project X.

4 Endings Guide (How to Get)

This guide explains how you can get all game endings.

First Ending: Occupied

In the first ending of Occupied, during in the room with Rita after interrogating you – questions, you still think that Leah was a succubus.

Unfortunately, Leah appeared, finding out about Naoto (You) and Rita. Leah explains that the Board of Directors and Rita were going to use you for support of humanity.

Suddenly you felt that you were going to pass out, you did. Waking up in the same place, Leah is now sitting at the same spot where Rita was while the announcement of outside was a containment breach.

Now appearing in a different location… No, the dimension where Leah was from, you serve her now without any affection through.

Second Ending: Suicide Incident

The second ending of you denying in the interrogation room that Leah isn’t a threat. Rita had her doubts and knew what the next situation would be.

After the interrogation ended, the next scene of you and Rita in a room, where she explains about the research and such above. Naoto (You) noticed the Soloman’s Judgement weapon. You already had your smartass at the top of your head, realizing it that the Board of Directors are suspicious of you.

That time… No, last time, you pull the trigger of the Soloman’s Judgement pointed at your face, hesitating but pulled it.

The case of your death was covered up, saying that Naoto was filled with corruption. Case closed.

Third Ending: Releasing Leah

Now, the ending leaves the main character in two desperate choices. When you and Leah stopped the incident of Avatar going rampage, the next scene was you and Rita in the control room.

Rita explains that the Board of Directors had no matter to do this but decided for you to relocate Leah. The twist was that they were going to dissect her when arriving at the HQ.

You refused, saying that you just need to let Leah open up. During in your dorm, a picture of Rita and flowers behind it, you had to make a decision. To stay or let it go.

Seeing the current situation, you put Rita’s picture faced down on the counter, entering Leah’s room so you can flee with her before having second thoughts till Rita discovered you having second thoughts.

With the Soloman’s Judgement pointed at you, pulling the trigger but Leah stopped the bullet before killing you. A light shines from Leah’s hand, disappearing you both.

At the end, Leah is now feeding you medicine like the 100th time. I assume she’s your wife now. 6 months has passed and you are now living in this dimension with her.

Fourth Ending: Leave

This was the same route of choice where you had to decide to Release Leah or Convince Rita.

You leave her picture up, getting up to convince Rita in the control room.

By the time, you were going to speak a word to her, she doesn’t want to hear about it. The argument felt like a old couple trying to settle out their problems.

The argument was already pointless and will go deeper. Rita tells Naoto that they both should leave and form a new life somewhere else peacefully and quiet. Leaving the responsibility to the facility and Board of Directors.

Exiting the control room, walking down the hallway, the lights shine red knowing that Leah had escaped. Rita told Naoto it’s not their problem anymore.

Rita going ahead of you, but her head slowly turns around at you only to see in perspective that Leah is now in front of Naoto.

The question remains is that, is Leah disguising as Rita to blend with you in this human world…? Or is Leah becoming one with Rita?

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