miniLAW: Ministry of Law [Full Release] – Useful Tips to Win – Walkthrough

Hi everyone. Today I am gonna mention the newly released miniLAW: Ministry of Law [Full Release] is like Robocop (retro-pixels). This guide will show “Useful Tips to Win”. Before the topic, I want to introduce the game:

About miniLAW: Ministry of Law [Full Release]

This changelog coincides with the transition from Early Access to Full Release, check out all the things we’ve done to get it ready for the masses.

Additions and Optimizations

  • Six new cutscenes featuring NEW BABEL ACTION NEWS now play when appropriate to elaborate on the story and add lore to the world. Also some play on the mini tvs in level!
  • New “Help Screen” accessible via the Title Menu featuring animated info screens.
  • All phone conversation portraits now have talking animations
  • New cutscenes and art for the various endings added.
  • New Game Intro cutscene has been dressed up.
  • Experience the PANNNNN, New Babel’s most secure prison (seen below) and two additional slummy levels.
  • On easy difficulty the upgrades should become available sooner to account for the extra time the player has, making it so that the augment screen won’t be so barren for easy players. Enemy and crime generators account for extra time in easy mode now as well, so enemies should scale up with time in easy mode like they do now in normal/hard mode.
  • Credits updated and will now display if you finish the game.
  • Color swap palettes added to various civilians.
  • New lit wall panels added and distributed throughout levels.
  • Updated in level enemy-chatter to use a less intimidating font to indicate their normal people voices. Enemy-chatter now draws a black box around the text.
  • Fast Collision compatibility mode, tested and switched on.
  • Rewrote ragdoll ledge collisions to be more efficient with the Fast Collision mode.
  • New baseboard tileset placed in appropriate places
  • Nerfed goliath grenade to have less weight and to factor in more of the enemy’s melee and ballistic resists.
  • Increased the tracking lag on several of the harder hitting enemies. They won’t be as fast to murder you now.
  • New music track.

Bug Fixes

  • Multiple fixes for rain sometimes crashing the game.
  • No longer see Minilaw HQ in the background when you are docked at Minilaw HQ
  • If player is docked at Minilaw HQ and views hangar while it is also raining over Minilaw HQ it should no longer incorrectly produce raindrops on the car.
  • Stairway-movement animation takes priority over jumping animation, which should fix jump/stairs animation glitch.
  • Fixes for vertical doors in “Highrise” level, should make up/down function as intended, all floors should be reachable.
  • Fixed some wonkiness with the tension trap.
  • Lots of various typo and capitalization fixes for phone conversations.

Beginner’s Guide: Useful Tips to Win

Here is my analysis of Time to Win, realizing the ticking clock is the biggest enemy.
Thanks to RedRaptor for filling in some of the blanks for me.

There are many assumptions here, so this analysis may need to be revised.

Your goal is to find and disarm the nuclear weapon within 24 hours.

There are one codes and one nuclear weapon.

The codes and nuclear weapons are in the Gang’s Headquarters. Each gang has three headquarters. There are four gangs.


Each gang only has one code or a nuclear weapon.

You need to obtain clues in order to find these headquarters, and whether or not that headquarters has codes/nuclear weapon. If you hit an HQ without the above, all the HQs are reshuffled for that gang.


For each mission, you can either:
1)Get one clue from the prime suspect (dead or alive), or sometimes on a random perp instead of the prime suspect
2)One clue from the prime suspect and one other random perp
3)No clues

In my experience, it averages out to one clue permission, although speed runs may miss out on the clue if it’s on someone other than the prime suspect.


The following is the path to discovering info on a Headquarters, but note that you receive clues randomly, so you usually will get several intro clues instead of pinpointing a Headquarters right away.

1) Discover the gang engages in an illegal activity
2) Discover more about the gang engaging in that illegal activity
3) Discover the Headquarters for that illegal activity
4) Discover whether or not the Headquarters has nuke/codes
5) Headquarters raid for code/nuke

4 detect stages, with each gang having a stage 5. Note that you could either get the right HQ immediately or have to learn about two other HQ before you find the right one.


Min per gang of 5 missions and max 13 missions b/c 3 crim enterprises times 4 detect stages, plus 1 (although note that sometimes you get clues about another gang from a gang, but it should even out)

2 min 4 max gangs, thus min 10 missions max 52 missions. And you only have 24 hours. Obviously, you need to be FAST in your missions. However, I will note that it is certainly possible to finish missions much quicker with experience. I used to pull 45 minutes missions – now they seem to be under 30. When you factor in travel and repair time, they really need to be around 20 minutes apiece.
(note: In-game time is much quicker than realtime, thankfully)

Final Analisis:

Repairs are 5 minutes per 10% (don’t get hurt, he he)
Travel is around 3 minutes per view, so between 1-9 minutes between missions (more if you need to head to HQ between the missions, which you will regularly).

Also, I should note that shooting “annoying” perps, or groups, is typically a good idea, as you get 5-10 extra requisitions for capture-surrender, but it costs 15 requisitions per repair point. So capture/surrender when you can, kill when you must.

Just try not to kill the prime suspect if you’re supposed to capture him, as its the difference between gaining 35 points or losing 35 points, a 70 point difference.

Thanks to RedRaptor’s clarification that only one code and one bomb exists, I would change tactics and focus on one gang at a time, as two gangs are irrelevant. Although the hints are not limited to the gang that is arrested but rather weighted towards that gang. RedRaptor also notes that hints obtained after the headquarters are found will notify whether or not they have the code or the bomb. This is important because you need the code before the bomb.

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