Microsoft Flight Simulator – World Traveler Achievement Guide (How to Get)

A guide on how to get World Traveler achievement in Microsoft Flight Simulator.

World Traveler Achievement Guide (How to Get)

A simple and quick guide for ‘World Traveler’ achievement.

I’d recommend you to use the VFR Map addon.

Choose a prop like a Cessna 172 Skyhawk or an Icon A5 and find an airport high dense area in the World Map like major cities in the United States or North-Western Europe. Then, teleport to one of many airports with enough altitude to not to get stalled. Set the parking break with throttle up will helps you before teleport. Approximately 1~1.5NM from the airport, 2000~2500ft from the ground will be enough. Don’t forget to turn off crash damage and aircraft/engine stress damage in assistance settings.

To find an airport high dense area easily, turn off all markers and the weather layer except airports markers in the World Map like this:

In case you can’t find the runway after teleport, use the smart cam to find a direction to the runway.

If you do it with a dual monitor or Steam Overlay, it will be much easier. The progress tracker will be increased by 1% for every 5 landings because you should land at 500 different airports in order to get this achievement.

This is my demonstration:

by Noel

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