Microsoft Flight Simulator – How to Use Steam Controller

A guide on how to use steam controller in Microsoft Flight Simulator.

How to Use Steam Controller

  • 1 Download the newest version of Global Steam Controller.
  • 2 Install both programs and start Global Steam Controller.
  • 3 Press “Create New” and configure settings like this:
Path: Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe!App
  • 4 Click on “Save” followed by “Add all to Steam
  • 5 Go to your Steam Library and find your newly created “Microsoft Flight Simulator Shortcut”
    • right-click> Manage> Steam Controller configuration
  • 6 Create the Steam Controller Setting MS Flight Simulator.
  • 7 Startup the previous created shortcut in your Steam Library now and wait until Windows 10 plays the sound for a newly recognized USB Device.
  • 8 Open and calibrate your controller in the windows settings.
  • 9 Your Steam Controller should work now in MFS. Enjoy!

By fqpl and Napo_II

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