Microsoft Flight Simulator – How to Land and Take Off the Plane (Good Ways)

This guide will help you on how to land and take off (good ways) the plane in Microsoft Flight Simulator.

How to Land?

To make a good landing when you approach the runway;

  • Decrease flaps and use landing gear.
  • Achieving to remain constant is the most critical point (maintain 65 knots).
  • Check your throttle and make sure it’s at 0.
  • Do not use your rotation while landing.
  • Only use rudder (yaw) to rotate your plane:
  1. Rudder left (yaw left)
  2. Rudder right (yaw right)

How to Take Off?


  • Check for Runway Traffic
    • Use the Smart Camera to make sure the approach is clear
  • Turn off your parking brakes
  • Align aircraft on the center of the runway
  • Use the brakes to reduce your throttle to zero

Starting Engine

  • Increase throttle to maximum power
  • Accelerate to 55 knots
  • Gently pull back on yoke to take off Climb to 5500 feet
  • Maintain 75 knots
  • Use yoke to straighten aircraft
  • Maintain altitude of 5500 feet

Straight and Level Flight

  • Lower RPMs to 1800
  • Maintain altitude of 5500 feet
  • Add trim to keep the plane at 5500ft
  • Maintain RPMs around 1800

Note: This guide is in progress. Please comment below If you want to add your ideas.

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