Microsoft Flight Simulator – How to Get (Use) ForeFlight Charts in MSFS

This guide will show you how to follow some simple steps to get ForeFlight charts and approach plates with geo-reference working on Microsoft Flight Simulator.


Hey guys! Hopefully this guide helps you all get ForeFlight working with your MSFS.

Side note, you will need a ForeFlight subscription to get access to charts and geo-referenced approach plates. I am a flight instructor in real life, so I like to train how I actually fly (with the convenience of ForeFlight).


Step One

1. Download Flight Events from the site HERE[] by clicking on the “Join” button at the top right and following the instructions.

Step Two

2. In the Flight Events Settings menu, enable broadcasting to the local network.

Step Three

3. With MFSF2020 open and in game, enter a random callsign and press “Start Flight Tracking” on the Simulator tab. You should see a message in-game that says “Flight Events connected”

Step Four

4. In ForeFlight Mobile, tap More > Devices, then tap the “Flight Events” tab, and slide the “Enabled” switch ON.


Geo Referenced Approach Plate:

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