Microsoft Flight Simulator – How to Get Past Stuck Blue Bar

A guide on how to get past stuck blue bar in Microsoft Flight Simulator.

How to Get Past Stuck Blue Bar

Step 1

Ok, so its really easy. after looking at a couple of community discussions, it is my conclusion that you MUST uninstall then reinstall.

That has been proven to work about 99% of the time and I can vouch for all those people who are furiously typing the following sentence: “try uninstalling then reinstalling.. Worked for me.” So after that it will take you to the package download page.

Then go take a nice nap or something. It will take a while. Also at about 30 GiB in, expect a long pause.. Someone in a DC server I’m in said just pretty much wait and then it will move on. Have a nice morning/night ppl.

Step 2

You are done.

by TigersFan

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One comment

  1. I’ve already did that it’s all done…
    Reinstalled the game. Now it’s all day running still stucked in the Skyhawk blue screen, in the Taskmanager says the simulator is running…

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