Microsoft Flight Simulator – How to Fix TrackIR

This guide will help you on how to fix trackir in Microsoft Flight Simulator.

How to Fix TrackIR

If your a regular flight simmer, chances are you have some sort of head tracking software. Most people have TrackIR 5.

When you first boot up Microsoft Flight, you may experience an issue where TrackIR doesn’t initially recognize Microsoft Flight as a title and head tracking will not work in game.

1. Make sure you start the TrackIR client BEFORE starting MSF

2. If it’s still not working, close MSF, and in the top right corner of the TrackIR client click the red update button. This update adds support for MSF.

3. Restart TrackIR, then MSF.

4. Head tracking should work!

P.S. If you don’t have TrackIR I HIGHLY recommend it.

By Schnitzel

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One comment

  1. Hi TrackIR fans,

    i’m using trackir 4 since 2009, and it worked well.
    short time ago (since July or August 2020) it does not work anymore.
    searched a lot on the internet. no solution

    so i found the solution 🙂
    my system Windows 7, but could be the same problem in other systems.
    ++++ Uninstall KB4567409 ++++
    it’s the installation update of microsoft edge (and disable the automatic windows updates without questioning you)
    nobody need this.
    it worked perfectly for me.
    try it, but don’t forget to set a restore point in front.

    beste regards
    joshi 🙂

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