Metro Exodus: Sam’s Story – How to Unlock Untouchable Achievement

This guide will show how to unlock the untouchable achievement in Metro Exodus: Sam’s Story.

Unlocking Untouchable Achievement

For this achievement, you need to start a new game of Sam’s Story in Normal difficulty (you can do this in the options of the main menu). Once this is done, the achievement says pretty much what you have to do.

In this DLC, you’ll encounter a new type of enemy: the Batwing. It kinda looks like the flying demons in the base game, so don’t expect a big change. In the level, you will fight against this creature 3 times. Those encounters cannot be skipped, they’re mandatory fights.


I’ll highly recommend for you guys having 5 medkits in your inventory whenever you can max out the productions. This will help you out in the battles. If you have the special torso, you can have 10 medkits, but I prefer using the ammo torso, which allows you to double your total ammo and so you could take the boss easily.

Boss Encounters:

  • The first one is at the very beginning of the game when you first met the captain. You’ll use rappel cable and then, some bats attack you. You’ll be in a small (pretty small) bridge with a truck for cover. All you need to do is shoot the batwing and avoid his bats (they attack in the group and in a certain direction). Try to not fall off the bridge!
  • The second one occurs later in the mission when you’re searching for the Firefighters facility. Don’t know exactly the location, but you’ll guess that is going to be a boss fight, because of the space that is given to you. This time, the scenario will be bigger and is set by old cars and trucks. Then, some nosalis will try to fight the creature, but you’ll have to finish the job.

The strategy here is much the same as the first encounter: when you see the batwing in the air, shoot him quickly. When you hear that the bats are gathering up to attack you, start running in circles or random directions to avoid them. Eventually, the batwing will start to throw some stashes of cars, which you need to also avoid. And the area will be getting closer.

Once you defeat him, the nosalis will help you up, cutting his wings.

  • The third and last encounter happens shortly after you recover the anti-radiation suits from the firefighters compound. You’ll be automatically forced to fight in an area with the batwing. Since he has no wings, he’ll try to charge at you. The bats will have no changes, so when you hear the sound, start running in circles and so to avoid those (if they catch you, use immediately your medkit). When you finally defeat him, a quick time event will appear and the bat will die.

NOTE: In this encounter, when the boss is charging at you, you’ll not be able to see where he is. So put attention to the fog (or dust?) generated in the trees. You’ll know his location and so you can attack or run from him to get a better position.

The achievement will pop once you finish the mission (so you’ll have to proceed normally to the last bit of the mission). I suggest not change the difficulty once you beat him, because it may not pop.

by Danixpxd

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  1. Untouchable Trophy Tip.

    If you die in battle with Batwing, don’t do fast loading.
    1. Save before fighting Batwing.
    2. Upload the Save and References files online.
    3. If you die in battle, delete the Save and References files stored on your PlayStation.
    4. Download the 2 files you uploaded online from number 2 back to your PlayStation.
    5. Press Continue on the main screen to start fighting again.

    This is how I won the trophy.

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