Metro Exodus: Sam’s Story – How to Unlock the Cinephile Achievement

This guide will show how to unlock the Cinephile achievement in Metro Exodus: Sam’s Story.

Cinephile Achievement

This achievement is missable!

On the mission “Find the captain” you get this achievement in the first main place. Walk into the theater and eliminate the opponents. After that take the stairs to the first floor. At the top of the cinema is a working projector.

Hit to eject the tape:


When you look at the top of the cinema choose the lefthand side. Turn left and then right. At the end of the floor go the room on the left. Walk to the shelf at the back of the room and press:


You will take a new movie tape.

Walk back to the projector and put the new tape in.

The achievement will pop up directly.

by The G2o12

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