Metro Exodus: Sam’s Story – Achievement: A Man of Principle

This guide will show how to unlock A Man of Principle achievement in Metro Exodus: Sam’s Story.

A Man of Principle

You must earn the Captain’s trust by the end of the game. Very easy to do. A few places though can easily be missed including one of the most important.

Throughout Sam’s journey, you’ll be accompanied by the Captain who will give you tasks to do. One task is related to achievement.

When you do something for the Captain, a flash of light will go off on the screen. Similar to the good moral points that you do in the main game.

Also, make sure you have Hints turned on in your options menu otherwise you’ll miss some of these.

These are the things in order:

When you first meet the Captain. Put your gun down when he demands it.

After saving the Captain the first time from the mutants he will ask you to move a giant wooden block that was used as one of he’s trapped. Pretty sure moving the block is mandatory but better safe than sorry.

After locating the Captain in a building crawling with mutants, he will ask for help in moving a piece of wood. Assist him to receive his thanks and another flash of light. -Thanks, Dresden N7 for the tip on this one.

After fighting the sniper you’ll confront him. You’ll get a choice to either spare him or blow him up. I spared him but I don’t think this has anything to do with the Caps trust. But In a way I feel like it’s the morally right thing to do. Just in case the captain thinks you’re some kind of psycho blowing People up 

When you’re at the Captain’s hideout. He will moan that he’s leg is busted and will sit down and chat about the whiskey. He will then mention that he would love some food with it. When the option comes up with the knife and fork. Hold the right d-pad button in and Sam will pull out a tin can of food.

After the drunk night with the Captain. He will task you to set five traps in he’s hideout marked with a cross on the floor. Find all five before taking the zip line down (if you get to the 5th one before getting 5 you’ll want to backtrack up the stairs to find the rest) this point is important as the Captain mentions later on in the game that setting those traps saved he’s life.

The next one is also important and very much easily missable.

You’ll come to a point in the game where you must take a boat through a thick fog. (After the open world area/after the second batwing encounter for reference) you’ll have to wear your gas mask for the first time. While driving the boat through the fog you’ll see ‘?’ marked on your map. There will be 3 but at one of these has a marshy looking area. Dresden N7 has provided a screenshot of the location:

Work your way through this area searching the area carefully for bodies. You’ll talk to the captain on the radio where Sam lets him know that he’s found some of the caps missing crew friends. I believe there are 3 missing bodies. The final body will be on top of a silo where you’ll be met with a tape recorder. If you haven’t found all the captains missing crew by the time you get to the top of the silo you’ll need to backtrack to find the rest. The flash of light will pop on the screen when the captain gets closure on the whereabouts of his missing friends.
If you haven’t found this area after coming out of the fog I would go back.

End game/Spoiler. Open this once you complete the area with the electric spiders.

You and the Captain will make your way back to the sub. He will mention that you’re a great guy and that you put your gun down and saved his life by putting those traps down in his hideout.
The Captain will then give you one final task of charging a detonator. Right at the end of the game where Sam is met with two choices. You must select the left choice of using the detonator (Not the picture of the American flag).

Once this is done the achievement will pop as soon as the choice is selected.

by M I K 3 ID v

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