Metro Exodus – How to Fix “My Weapons” Glitch

A guide on how to fix “my weapons” glitch in Metro Exodus.

How to Fix “My Weapons” Glitch?

Hello everyone!

Some days ago I had a trouble with the NG+ in Metro Exodus: I have selected the modification “my weapons”, but when I started playing, I didn’t have my weapons. Then I read some articles in many foruns and now I’m writing this guide for everyone who has this problem, and how to solve it.

Let’s start it:

  1. Turn of yout Steam, let it in offline mode;
  2. Go to Metro Exodus config./level past located in: C:\Users\(your user)\Saved Games\metro exodus\(your game number);
  3. Exclude the quick saves and the auto saves archives. (I recommend you to make a backup first, because you’ll exclude all playthrough in the quick save, but you won’t lose the chapters);
  4. Start the Metro Exodus game (remmember to keep Steam Offline);
  5. Go to the Chapter Section, choose the last one (named: finale), then whatch all the cutcene, when the credits come, you’ll be able to skip it and go to the main menu.
  6. Now you can start the NG+, select “my weapons”

How to see if it has worked
After you started the NG+, it will have the first scene, in the train, telling the history, so, after it ends, Artyom will enter the manhole. In this moment, you must see in Artyom’s arm: if it has any mod (compass, enemy mark, metal detector), it worked fine. If it not worked, try it again.

Its highly recommended to you NOT die for the watchmen in the Moscow level (first one, after enter the manhole). If you die, maybe you could lose all your weapon mod.
You’ll recive all your three weapons from previously playthrough after Yermak gives you the pistol, the knife and the battery light.

That’s all, I hope help you!

By RafaelFPS1

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