Medieval Dynasty – How to Complete Quickly: Chapter IV – Into the Wilderness

A guide on how to complete quickly: chapter iv – into the wilderness in Medieval Dynasty.

How to Complete Quickly: Chapter IV – Into the wilderness


It’s time for some hunting challenge. Maybe I will not throw myself into the deepest water yet, but some foxes or boars will do. In spite of appearances, it is not so easy to hunt an agile fox, and boars are quite durable. Also, a hunting lodge is a useful thin& there I can easily create more complicated weapons.

  • Build Hunting Lodge: 0 /1
  • Hunt: Fox 2/3
  • Hunt: Boar 0/3


100 x Dynasty Reputation

Tips for Chapter IV

Firstly, please look at my animal locations guide for fox and boar.

Second, to hunt animal, use bow or spear and close slowly (pressing Ctrl). Aim at their head. And then go far away a little bit. Again, go back here and hunt the same animal.

Third, build hunting lodge.

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