Medieval Dynasty – Guide to Taxes, Animals, Development, Cultivation

Guide to taxes, animals, development, cultivation in Medieval Dynasty.

Guide to Taxes, Animals, Development, Cultivation


Taxes are paid in coins. Every Spring you will need to pay taxes to Castellan in the central village of Gostovia. Taxes are charged for your buildings and fields. If you don’t pay tax for last year, then the debt increases with interest. The following year you will have to pay back both debt and the new tax. The current tax with the debt is visible in the management tab. &ach subsequent season you don’t pay your debt, your Dynasty Reputation will suffer until you exceed -10000, at which point you will be exiled from the valley and your journey will end.


Animal Husbandry

You can breed different animals – chickens, geese, pigs, goats, sheep and cows. They require special buildings, and they can be bought from various breeders living in villages scattered on the map.

Animals require feeding which is done by pouring Animal Feed from the Bas into the troughs. Animal Feed can be crafted in Bam or just bought from vendors.

Animal Management

Here is all the information about your animals and buildings to which each of them is assigned. Set parameters, move them from one building to another and check each worker assigned to a building.

Fields and Crop Cultivation

Fields can be created with a maximum size of 16×16. The individual field tax depends upon the size of each field. To be able to ¿row something on it, you must first plow it with a hoe. Appropriate seeds arc needed for sowing. The Bag is a tool for sowing and has separate modes for each type of seed or manure. You can create the Bags yourself in Sewing or purchase them. Collecting crops and vegetables from fields reduces the value of this field, the field value can be raised by sprinkling manure. The manure is produced by pigs when they arc fed you can collect this from the ground.


This is the status of your village, improving the villages’ status increases its ability to develop the land. Completing Chapters unlocks new Development statuses. Development statuses include:

  • Hermitage
  • Camp
  • Small Farm
  • Farm
  • Hamlet
  • Settlement
  • Village
  • Town
  • City


You can interact with the land’s inhabitants – you can do quests, buy or sell things, and you can flirt with women of the right age to find a wife, assuming you don’t have one yet. Diplomacy and talents related to its arc useful in all such interactions.

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