Medieval Dynasty – Guide to Neighbours, Resources, Seasons, and More

Guide to neighbours, resources, seasons, and more in Medieval Dynasty.

Guide to Neighbours, Resources, Seasons, and More


There are many different basic resources that are used for building and/or crafting:

Log – from trees cutted with an axe

Stick – can be found on the ground, gathered from branches or chopped of the cut trees, with an axe

Stone – can be found on the ground, small and bright colored, or can be mined with a pickaxe from rocks on the map

Salt – can be mined with a pickaxe from rocks on the map, it has a smaller chance than stone

Limestone – can be mined with a pickaxe from rocks on the map, it has a smaller chance than salt

Iron – can be mined with a pickaxe from rock deposits in caves, it has the smallest chance to be mined

Clay – located in clay clusters, can be dug up with a shovel

Leather – can be collected from killed animals, requires a knife in your inventory

Feather – can be collected in hen- and goose houses or from bird traps

Straw – can be obtained from the reed growing on the banks of rivers or crafted while threshing in bam harvested crops from the field

Wool – can be collected from sheep with shearing scissors

Manure – farm animals produce it when they are fed, can be collected from the ground


On the whole map there are various villages, farms or individual houses where your neighbors live. They can have various tasks for you, thanks to which you will get useful objects, earn money, and also make them like you more and improve the Dynasty Reputation. Some of them may also sell you various goods or buy something from you.

The Approval level is very important, as it lowers the prices of the goods they sell, and increases the prices they are ready to pay for your goods. When Approval crosses the value of 60 you unlock the ability to flirt with that NPC, if she’s of the appropriate age, so that you can find a wife.


Your inhabitants need a house, but not only that. It is necessary to have a Food Storage so that they can get food from it and a Resource Storage from which they can get wood to keep their house warm.

An important measure of the villagers’ happiness is their mood. Let it fall too low and they may leave your village. You want to keep hold of the best workers and to do this you need to make sure they are content.

Survival Character

The basic parameter of your character is HP, visible on the screen as a red bar on the left. Next to it there’s stamina, which fills up automatically and falls during various activities – sprinting, jumping, stretching the bow, aiming the spear, or working on the field.

Other two very important parameters arc food and water – orange and blue bar. They fall with time and need to be supplemented with food and liquids, respectively.

In addition, certain states of the character may appear:

Overloaded – when you cany too many items at once your character can get overloaded. You will progressively lose movement speed until you won’t be able to move at all You will have to throw some items away in order to regain full speed or invest in some perks increasing your load capacity.

Poisoning – eating some mushrooms, as well as unripe fruit and rotten food will cause poisoning, which can be fatal Sating other things during that time won’t fill your hunger bar. In order to cure it you can ask your wife to heal your character or eat St.John’s Wort.

Temperature – if the temperature is too high or too low it will make you lose life parameters. You need to wear weather appropriate clothes if you want to avoid it. You can also take shelter in your home or at the campfire if you are too cold. Holding out a torch also increases your temperature.

Dirtiness – after a while your character will get dirty from working all the time. You won’t be able to flirt if you are too dirty (over 50%). You can wash yourself at the washtub that you can build in the furniture section of the “others’’ in the Building/Crafting menu under the “ft” button.

The character is getting older each season, so it’s important to have an heir, who will ensure that your dynasty continues.

Seasons and Sleep

There are four seasons – Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.

The season changes automatically after three days, many things depend on the seasons including the sowing and harvesting times for different cereals and vegetables, also the timing of the availability of wild food resources including berries and mushrooms. There are different temperatures during the various seasons, so you need to have suitable clothes ready for these. You can sleep in your bed or by the fire, between 7pm and 7am. Sleeping by the fire docs not restore health. Sleeping in your bed restores your HP a little.

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