Medieval Dynasty – Guide to Crafting, Houses, Wife, Reputation

Guide to crafting, houses, wife, reputation in Medieval Dynasty

Guide to Crafting, Houses, Wife, Reputation


The Hand Crafting menu is available under the “Q” button on the keyboard in the “Crafting” category. Regular Crafting is available by interacting with specific workstations.


Houses arc dual purpose, you can sleep in them as well as store your inventory. Items can be kept inside chests within a house. Sleeping in bed restores HP. People who are willing to join your village will need a home before they agree to settle.


A wife is necessary to ensure the survival of your dynasty. Thanks to her, you will have an heir who, after reaching the right age, will continue your history, improve Dynasty Reputation, and develop the village.

Your wife can also help you rethink your talents and heal your wounds. Remember to take care not only of yourself but also of your whole family. If your wife is very dissatisfied with your actions, e.£. lack of shelter for a long time, food or the possibility of warming up in winter, she may leave you and take the heir with her.


The heir ensures your dynasty’s survival. To have him, you must first find a wife and then talk to her that you are ready to have a child. Three seasons later, the heir is bom. He is looked after by his mother for the first two years, which means she cannot perform any other work. The Heir can be controlled when he is younger (V button on the keyboard), but he has limited activities.

Dynasty Reputation

Such subsequent inhabitant you wish to join the village will only join when your Dynasty Reputation is high enough. Reputation is earned by completing different Quests, Chapters, and Challenges. It is a value passed down through the generations in your dynasty but can be decreased by failing Challenges or bad behaviors such as theft or not paying taxes. If your reputation falls below -10000 you will be banished from the valley and your journey will end.

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