Max Gentlemen Sexy Business! – Save File Location (How to Restart)

This is a guide to save file location and how to restart profile in Max Gentlemen Sexy Business!.

Save File Location (How to Find)

  • Go to “C:/”.
  • Find “Users”.
  • Click “UserName”.
  • Go to “AppData”.

If “AppData” does not appear:

  1. Go to “Folder Options”.
  2. Select “View”.
  3. Click “Show hidden files”.
Boris and the Dark Survival - Save File Location

If you have not a problem with “AppData”, let’s keep going:

  • Go to “LocalLow”
  • Find “TheMenWhoWearManyHats”

How to Restart Profile?

Save game can be found from:

“C:\Users\\AppData\LocalLow\TheMenWhoWearManyHats\Max Gentlemen Sexy Business

Rename the “number name” folder (just add something to name). Then make sure that Steam Cloud is not in use. Now you can start the game from the beginning.

To get old save back, delete new save and rename old save back. Or delete new save and turn Steam Cloud on and game should download old save on next start (only if you used steam cloud previously, obviously).

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