Mass Effect Legendary Edition – How to Fix Surround Sound (Step by Step)

A guide on how to fix surround sound (step by step) in Mass Effect Legendary Edition.

How to Fix Surround Sound (Step by Step)

Because Bioware again shipped some broken, old OpenAL32.dll where surround is not working properly here are steps to fix it.

  • Download Openal Soft from
  • Put file from Win32/soft_oal.dll as OpenAL32.dll to Windows/SysWOW64 and file from Win64/soft_oal.dll as OpenAL32.dll to Windows/system32, override if necessary.
  • Delete OpenAL32.dll from binaries in game directory.
  • Put this:


To BIOEngine.ini in config directory in path like Mass Effect Legendary Edition\Game\ME1\BioGame\Config, make it read-only so game doesn’t override it. There should be already section like ISACTAudio.ISACTAudioDevice so put it there.

  • Run alsoft-config.exe from openal-soft-{version}-bin\alsoft-config and set your desired channels – in my case it’s 7.1 and click apply, you can try other options, whatever seem to be better for you.
  • (Optionally) go to %appdata%, there should be file alsoft.ini and you can try adding two options there.

volume-adjust = 6

Volume-Adjust increases overall sound volume -24 to 24 and Front-Stablizer mixes sound from left and right channel to center.

  • Just run a game, you should have surround sound working fine now.
  • If it doesn’t work try restarting your PC.
  • Also it might work if you replace dll only in a binaries folder – but i didn’t try it.

by Juri

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