Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered – How to Enable Motion Controls (Controller)

A guide on how to enable motion controls with PlayStation, Switch, and Steam Controllers using the Steam layout configurator in Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered.

How to Enable Motion Controls (Controller)

Usage Instructions

These settings can be enabled inside Steam by viewing the game in your library and selecting Controller Layout in the menu bar under the PLAY button, then selecting the Browse Configs button at the bottom of the screen, where you will find them in the Community side tab.

You can also copy-paste one of the links provided (steam://) into a browser to view it directly in Steam, where you can then decide whether to accept or reject the setting.

In order for this to work, the Steam controller support setting for your control should be enabled. This setting is off by default and can be found in Steam (main window) – View (top menu) – Settings (dropdown option) – Controller (side tab) – General Controller Settings (button) – PlayStation/Switch Configuration Support (tick the box for your controller type).

Note that the PS5 DualSense’s adaptive triggers are not compatible with these settings, as they require the controller support setting to be disabled.

Motion Controls on Touch

PlayStation: All controls as normal except for the touchpad. Extra functionality: Touch anywhere on the pad to use motion controls, press the upper pad to Dodge, the lower pad to Jump. When prompted to use the touchpad click the left side.

PS5 Motion Controls on Touch

  • steam://controllerconfig/1817070/2848032493

PS4 Motion Controls on Touch

  • steam://controllerconfig/1817070/2848077269

Steam Controller: Enable motion controls by touching the right pad, click for face button abilities. Jump/Objectives on grips. All other controls as default.

Steam Controller Motion Controls on Touch

  • steam://controllerconfig/1817070/2848135841

Motion Controls on Left Trigger

Switch Pro Controller: Pull ZL to aim with motion controls, and pull ZR to sprint/swing with motion controls. All other controls as default.

Switch Pro Motion Controls on Triggers:

  • steam://controllerconfig/1817070/2848053284


Refer to this section if you experience any issues with these settings. Otherwise, feel free to disregard it.

  • Problem: The adaptive triggers on my PS5 DualSense controller are not working
  • Solution: Steam’s PlayStation controller configuration setting which is needed for these motion controls is not compatible with DualSense adaptive trigger features at this time. You must pick one or the other.
  • Problem: This doesn’t work like the Switch control scheme or some other scheme I prefer.
  • Solution: The convention of making the yaw axis relative to the ground and not to the controllers orientation is not easily implemented on PC, making it unlike how it functions in many prominent Switch titles, so there is currently no solution to that problem. If there is some other aspect of Switch motion controls that you prefer, you may be able to modify the controller layout in Steam to suit your expectations. If you give me feedback on your issue I may find the time to make available a scheme that conforms to your expectation, given that it’s formed by an established scheme.
  • Problem: I don’t understand how this input scheme works.
  • Solution: While touching the pad or pulling the left trigger, rotate the controller sideways (yaw) or up and down (pitch) to look in those directions. The camera moves more quickly than you move the controller to avoid having to rotate out of view of the screen. The controller does not need to be pointed to the screen, as it measures movements away from its starting position when the motion controls were last activated to make camera movement, although it should typically be reset between movements by disengaging the motion controls and pointing it back to somewhere in the general direction of the screen, which is a good starting position for the next time you want to use motion controls.
  • Problem: Using these motion controls is exhausting my arms and shoulders.
  • Solution: Supplement motion controls with the right joystick.

Holding your arms out in front and swinging the controller around may help with rapid motions but may also fatigue a player more quickly, instead rest your upper arms flat against your seatback or rest your elbows on handsets, and twist the controller while keeping it relatively still in place, relying on the lower arms and wrists to make motions.

  • Problem: Using these motion controls is provoking carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • Solution: Instead of twisting the controller in place using your wrists, put your hands out in front of you and swing the controller around using your arms while keeping the wrists straight.
  • Problem: I’m getting motion sick from these controls.
  • Solution: Try adjusting the sensitivity of the motion controls in the Steam controller configuration you are using, the setting is located in the box displayed between the controller grips. Getting acclimated to the controls may also help, but make sure to not play for long enough to start feeling sick if you take that approach as that may make the problem worse over time.
  • Problem: Using the touchpad is uncomfortable or makes other controls difficult to use.
  • Solution: Try using the Left Trigger settings instead. While the touchpad activation scheme should work well with most adult hands on controllers with touchpads, many will not find this comfortable on PlayStation controllers, and multiple functions may become difficult to properly reach at the same time.
  • Problem: The camera drifts in one direction even while I’m holding the controller still.
  • Solution: Some controllers will calibrate their gyroscopic sensor when placed on a flat horizontal surface for a few seconds. Others may need to have their gyro calibrated in Steam.
  • Problem: Camera movements are choppy or rough.
  • Solution: Some controllers may experience poor gyroscopic sensor performance while wireless depending on how well their signal is received. Either improve signal strength by clearing a direct line of sight between the controller and the computer’s wireless receiver, or put the controller into wired mode by plugging it into the computer while the controller is switched off.

This may also be due to low framerates, in which case the solution is to improve the framerate by lowering graphics settings as any input method will suffer in those conditions.

Design considerations for this game:

Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered features Steam Input support, so it is able to more directly interpret motion control inputs without first emulating a mouse or joystick. This allows it to use motion controls to their full potential without encountering input emulation conflicts or confusing button prompts.

by Snowy

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