Marvel’s Avengers – How to Solve Stuttering Problems

A guide on how to solve stuttering problems in Marvel’s Avengers.

How to Solve Stuttering Problems

Are you experiencing severe stuttering problems on Marvel’s Avengers that prevent you from playing? The solution that worked for me might also work for you!

Here is the actual solution that revived the game.

Like a lot of players, I had the major stuttering problem with Marvel’s Avengers.

My GPU (RTX 2080Ti) was at 98% almost every single second…And the game was slowly…

Here is the solution that worked for me, I post it over here, because I haven’t seen this solution anywhere on Internet.

Recently, with one of the last Windows 10 Update, Microsoft introduced the “Hardware-accelerated GPU scheduling” promising this will drastically increase the gaming performances.

Actually it kinda works but not on Marvel’s Avengers.

So I solved the problem by simply disabling it!

Go to your Windows’ “Graphic Settings”, disable “Hardware-accelerated GPU scheduling”, reboot the computer, launch the game, re-activate all the options you previously disabled to try to improve your performances and enjoy.

by [FR] SLY

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