Marvel’s Avengers – Guide to Hulk Rage Build

This guide will help you on Hulk rage build in Marvel’s Avengers.

Hulk Rage Build Guide

Skill’s Overview

Ground Attacks


Pummel’s Your opening bread and butter and you use it to stagger weaker unshielded enemies. The finisher breaks shield and some gear will proc effects on light finishers.

Gamma Hammer

Gamma Hammer’s two hit combo is one of the best heavy attack strings in the game with long range and low string count. Gear effects can proc some huge effects on heavy finishers which lead’s us into…

Heavy Combo Finisher

Heavy Combo Finisher allows you to focus on effects that proc on heavy attack finisher while still abusing hulks amazing light attack string.


Green Bomber

Green Bomber’s your basic air light attack string. Most enemies die in two hits as flyers tend to have less health, in groups you want to let more vertically mobile and ranged characters handle flyers, snipers and wall turrets.


Cannonball (not that one) is your standard thrown hunk of concrete hulks precision seems to scale well so a little goes a long way. Rocks are effected by gravity and have drop.

Kidnapping for fun and profit…mostly fun.


This ability effectively allows you to remove a grabable enemy from combat almost indefinitely and then use them as a weapon. Ramping damage and a high chance for 3 different status effects.


Smackdown lets you trade off some stun and two of the status effects for dual manhandling skills and increased area of effect. Fab-u-lous. You don’t even notice the loss and it also leads up to Ionic Overflow a passive that lets your manhandling do elemental damage based on which men you’re handling!

And now ladies and gentleman, what you’ve all been waiting for. This badboy what doesn’t it do? Damage increase, damage shield, willpower (health) regain.

Full Skill tree Stats

  • +55% Increased Damage.
  • +15 Takedown Energy Boost.
  • +30% Increased Maximum Rage.
  • -40% Rage Cost.
  • +15% Rage Generation from damage and attacks.
  • 100% Willpower Recovery While Rage is Active.
  • +10 Perfect Dodge Energy Boost.

Gain overcharge on rage bar and while bar is overcharged rage is passively active.


Gameplay Basics

Abuse dodge in between light strings to stagger enemies to grab and use heavy strings. Always be run jumping when not attacking and even then don’t remain stationary for too long unless you plan on abusing invincibility frames for take downs and heroic abilities. Don’t be afraid to thin the pack a bit by kidnapping a couple dudes and running off to kill them, or even boss mobs to avoid fighting the rest (for elimination missions).

Abuse floating animation for charged air heavies to avoid ground damage and break shields as well as stagger/stun enemies in order to grab/heavy attack string. Before you get overcharge save rage for willpower regeneration and shield.

Focus on enemies with rockets from afar before going in for melee and again always abuse dodge and always err on the side of caution when enemy attack bubbles appear.

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