MANEATER – Ending Walkthrough (How to Complete – Boss Fight)

A guide on how to complete ending (Boss Scaly Pete Fight) of MANEATER.

Complete The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea

  1. Find The Gulf Grotto
  2. Complete The Gulf Revenge: 4/1
  3. Complete The Gulf Hunt: 3/1
  4. Complete The Gulf Population Control: 3/3
  5. Kill The Gulf Apex
  6. Reach Growth Stage: Mega
  7. Reach Level: 30
  8. The Gulf Progress: 50%
  9. Check on Scaly Pete
  10. Complete Boss

Mega Shark vs. Scaly Pete

Take on Pete and his refurbished World War 11-era attack vessel

Useful Tips for Boss Fight (Scaly Pete)

  • Attack Pete’s boat, especially, his cage on boat.
  • Be careful to electrical power fusion on boat.
  • At the same time you will challage with reinforcements:
  • You need to defeat 3 Hunter Boat.
  • To defeat them easily, jump on boat and attack them:
  • Scaly Pete’s health will decrease as you destroy Hunter Boats.


Ending is very tragic. Pete destroy both shark and himself before the shark eats his head.

I suppose there’s a lesson to be gleaned here. Something about how the increasing commodification) of the natural world has placed humans on a collision course with an environmental apocalypse. But this is a basic cable show where people tune in to watch sharks kills people and people kill sharks. So until next fishing season, this is Maneater.

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