Mafia III: Definitive Edition – How to Fix No Texture/Meeting and Performance

A guide on how to fix no texture/no meeting and performance issues of Mafia III: Definitive Edition.

How to Fix No Texture/No Meeting?

Step 1

Start the game and wait for the Mafia 3 Definitive Launcher

Step 2

Go to Options and toggle to your preferred GPU

By MC7

Guide to Performance Issues

I think that Mafia III is a game with a great story and soundtrack. I also enjoy the gameplay but it can get boring as you spent a long time doing the same thing (taking over rackets). However, the good things about the game are being held down by the overexposed graphics of the game and the poor optimization. In this guide I will give my configuration for the game which help me to keep the game on a steady 60 Frames Per Second.

Nvidia Control Panel Settings

  • Anisotropic filtering = 16x
  • Antialiasing – Mode = Enhance the application setting
  • Antialiasing – Setting = 2x
  • Power management mode = Prefer maximum performance
  • Texture filtering – Anisotropic sample option = Off
  • Texture filtering – Negative LOD bias = Clamp
  • Triple buffering = On
  • Vertical sync = On

Game Settings

  • Resolution = 1920 x 1080 (Own preference)
  • FPS = Unlimited
  • Depth of field = On
  • Field of view = 85 Degrees (Own preference)
  • VSync = Off
  • Ambient occlusion (HBAO) = High
  • Motion blur = Off
  • Geometry detail = High
  • Shadow quality = Medium
  • Reflection quality = Low
  • Volumetric effects = Low
  • Antialiasing = High


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