Mafia II: Definitive Edition – How to Skip Intro, Enable PhysX and Fix Color (Flickering Smoke)

This guide tells you how to skip the intro videos, fix for flickering smoke and enable PhysX? for Mafia II: Definitive Edition.

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How to Skip Intro Videos?

  • Head over to steamapps\common\Mafia II Definitive Edition\pc\sds\video
  • Delete or rename d3t.bik and Logos.bik.


By iddqd

How to Fix for Flickering Smoke and Change Color?

  • Go into Nvidia Control Panel
  • Manage 3D settings
  • Select program and find mafia 2 DE
  • scroll down to vertical sync, then select FAST or ADAPTIVE

I use “fast” and it works wonders.

by VX

How To Enable PhysX?

How to enable PhysX on Mafia II Mafia II: Definitive Edition

  • 1. Go to Documents\My Games\Mafia II Definitive Edition\Data\profiles\<ProfileID>
  • 2. Open ” settings.xml “
  • 3. Edit <Apex>0</Apex> to 1 or 2 (0=OFF 1=Med 2=High)
  • 4. Save
  • 5. Can enter the game to shoot the ground or glass Dude.

By [Ga-Me] Ketaro

I tried to fix the problems with physics and flickering, and I succeeded, but I think the solution from my video will not help everyone.

For everything to work perfectly, you need to set the graphics preset to high and Vsync in the Nvidia Control Panel to “Fast”. You can see the result in the video.

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